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“In the court of Alagadda, a deal is only as good as the strange entity you made it with.” – Sahsan, Fifth Emir of Kubiz

Sultanate of Alagadda


Dictatorship under absolute rule of the Sultan Mehmir IV.


Alagadda has a system of 3 classes: the aristocrats, the merchants, and “everyone else.” The aristocrats (Alti) handle administrative duties and function as government officials; the merchants, business owners, and skilled tradesmen (Turi), and the others (Okri), who handle all other work, including menial labor and “unclean” professions.


Climate: Arid desert


The Alagaddan military is comprised of career professionals, and service contracts can last up to 20 years. The most elite Alagaddan military unit, the Eternals, is comprised of orphans taken from a young age and trained their whole lives to be warriors.


Religion makes up a huge part of Alagaddan life and culture. The people of Alagadda are varied in their religions – many metropolitan citizens worshiping the old gods, with more rural peoples worshiping ancestors or other family gods, Djinn, forgotten deities, or even demons.

Foreign Relations

Alagadda maintains a firm policy of “speak softly, but carry a big stick.” The Alagaddan army is among the most well-trained in the world, and its neighbors know it. Alagadda has long been a tempting target for would-be conquerors, but attempts to subdue the Sultanate have always ended in disaster. In spite of this, Alagadda genuinely tries to maintain cordial relations with nearby states. Alagadda offers military protection to the city-state of Kubiz, located in its southern region, and the two states enjoy friendly relations.

Trade & Transport

Despite its desert location, Alagadda is very rich in resources, from precious gems to highly sought after spices. This makes Alagadda’s traders among the wealthiest and most traveled in the world. Those not directly involved in the mercantile lifestyle are directly employed by those in the business of harvesting resources for trade. Alagadda is also by far the world’s leading producer of Khaat, a mildly addictive controlled substance that causes a gentle sense of euphoria and some impairment of the senses when eaten, and severely enhanced effects, including hallucination, when smoked; Khaat is also said to affect the magical abilities of users, though each magic user appears to be affected differently.
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Sultanate of Alagadda
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Veterancy Level
Government System
Neighboring Nations

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