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There are few organizations in The Web that can be called "altruistic." Most of them have something to gain in doing what they do. Some are about control, like Siegfried. Other's grow in power, like The Black Betties. Others still choose to gain insight and grow their influence like The Magicians of Carthage.   Then you get to Eberstark Law, an organization most known not for what it's power, but for the sheer convenience they provide. The army of lawyers operating under Eberstark keep the peace, establishing a sense of unity among other organizations of The Web.   They offer their services to any and all, and often give it free of charge. They've handled scandals beyond counting, as well as the odd feud between different organizations. They bail out agents caught on the wrong side of the law daily, and sacrifice so much just to do so.

Hennie Eberstark

You can't discuss Eberstark without addressing the peculiarities surrounding the woman who sits as its founder and leader: Hennie Eberstark. This woman has no idea she runs a clandestine organization within her law firm. She knows nothing of The Web, nor does she believe in the pseudo-paranormal despite having encountered it many, many times.   Hennie is somehow immune or perhaps willfully ignorant of The Candlelight. It's as if she refuses to acknowledge it. Some people, and we're talking about a very select few, excell at compartmentalizing the horrific events that would normally spark The Candlelight. In no time at all, they simply forget the events occurred.   This brings us to Charlie. To keep things moving efficiently without having to explain what's really going on, an enigmatic figure operates the organization in her stead. Charlie is… an unknown quantity.


Charlie is the biggest topic of conversation around the water cooler at Eberstark Law. They are capable of mind boggling calculations and somehow manage to operate Eberstark law with little to no oversight or assistance from Hennie.   Charlie is often described as appearing either male or female, and depending one's interactions with them, will be adressed with any and all pronouns in conversations and memos. They always tend to be in the right place at the right time, some reports claiming to them in multiple locations at the same time. The moment someone needs to speak to them, they can assume Charlie isn't far. More often than not, Charlie will be just around the corner.   Despite the peculiar details, Charlie is widely regarded as one of the best bosses one could work for. Eberstark employees tend to have the best working conditions both in and out of the field. The fact that they are one of the few organizations held accountable for things like taxes and regulations, their employees also enjoy vacation days and paid time off, a rare luxury in The Web.

Eberstark Unions

Aside from making everyone elses job easier, Eberstark Law also began the Union Initiative. This program seeks to unite the organizations of The Web, offering numerous benefits for organizations that lend agents and assets to the initiative.   This led to the formation of Eberstark Unions, teams composed of agents from multiple organizations. Eberstark Unions allow for more precise handling of operations with less resources involved in the operation.   Since it's inception, Eberstark Unions led to strong connections between key players in The Web allowed smaller organizations access to key funding and assistance they could never use before.


Eberstark Law had many employees, some having little to no knowledge of what the organization does behind the scenes. Even those that do come in many professions. Some are security personnel while others are maintenance and janitorial staff. The lawyers, however, are what the organization is known for… obviously.

Lawyers of Eberstark Law are widely considered to be the few truly good people in The Web. They take the bullet to make sure you and yours get out of the operation without legal consequences. They spend many sleepless nights understanding the ins and outs of the situation, and also serve as diplomats between organizations both in and out of The Web. When you're caught on the wrong side of the law during a hunt and get arrested, you call the lawyers.

This doesn't sound like much but consider what it takes to do their job. They're constantly calling in favors, and repaying them in kind, they have little time for a personal life, and most importantly: They are constantly exposed to The Candlelight. This exposure is essential to understand each case. They suffer crippling mental disorders and constant attention from that which bumps in the night. They do this for you, whatever it takes to make your problem disappear.

Fun fact: Bliss

Bliss is a medication capable of isolating and erasing memories associated with The Candlelight. It can be hard to get ahold of, the only source being The Magicians of Carthage. It's a routine prescription among the lawyers of Everstark. When the constant exposure to the true nature of reality takes its toll, Bliss can save you.   This in itself is just another sacrifice made by those under Eberstark's banner. Regardless of their skills, lawyers of Eberstark rarely remember their cases. There are members of the organization who are practically famous in The Web, and yet have no knowledge as to why or how they got there.   It can only go so far, however. Lawyers who've been around a while may need a little extra help in the form of Psychic Surgery. This doesn't work for everyone. After a long enough time period, usually a decade or so, a member of Eberstark is forced to retire with a sizable severance package. They live out their lives rich and comfortable. A well deserved ending, and one few get in The Web.

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17 Jun, 2022 11:13

You have such a talent for names, not just for people but all manner of objects (Bliss) and procedures (psychic surgery). These really go hand in glove with the concepts they identify. The dichotomy between Hennie and Charlie is a brilliant dynamic. It leaves me hungry to know more about who Charlie really is, and what Hennie does to remain at the core.

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
23 Jun, 2022 16:02

Thanks so much for the high praise! I want to add more of Hennie. She's a fun character for sure and the interactions with charlie who has to go through her for a lot of the big things, are priceless.

Corvo Branco
Corvo Branco
21 Jun, 2022 17:12

Altruistic Lawyers is a likeable trope. No complex civilization can get by without some sort of law expert (even if it does not have lawyers, like Classic Greeks famously didn't) so in a sense when a society demonises lawyers is it demonising the core essence of civilization in its own hearth. Of course, is pretty easy to do that demonising. The work of lawyers is at once deceptively easy and obscure. No dark art is darker than set dangerous criminals free for the sake of technicalities. On the other hand, those same technicalities are essential to preserve individual freedom of anyone who happens to disagree whit a popular opinion from time to time. Just like Necromancy in Sharitarn (my main fictional world) Legislation is morally neutral, neither good nor evil.     "Good people must obey the bad laws, so bad people can be forced to obey the good laws" remains true, regardless of which side you think about when you say the words "good" and "bad".   In a Universe where just look reality for what it is makes people brake and became unviable for life, someone would have to connect the dots and close gaps constantly, just to keep civilization going. Otherwise it would not last.   Perhaps Cimmerians like Conan could still exist. But no human organization more complex than that.

Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
19 Sep, 2022 20:28

They fit so well into the puzzle of The Web, well done!

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