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Cole Mayland

The Incriptionist Cole Mayland

Over time, as the book was passed down generation to generation, the pages themselves and the leather bindings did not fade. Sure, they were aged but they were no less sturdy than they were when first written upon. On the inside of the first ornate cover was an inscription that, as hard as it may believe, was not originally a part of the book.   The first clue lies in its mode of language. The book is written in highly abbreviated medieval Latin while the inscription is clearly written in Truth. a very old form of Truth, but Truth nonetheless. Perhaps it is more true than the current usage of Truth, but the integrity of Truth is forever in debate. The second clue takes a much closer examination at the edges of the inside cover, there is a variance in color on the border which reveals the dimensions of the original piece of paper that had been placed there. The inscription was written on a paper that was a couple of millimeters smaller than the cover.   Most would frown upon the tampering of a historical artifact so long after its creation, but the inscription has proved invaluable to each person who finds themselves with it within their possession. The inscription denotes the original purpose and contents of the book, something which would be lost within the mismatched characters so close to Truth yet invariably different. To this we owe Cole Mayland, the presumed True Human who signed off the inscription.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She was a linguist first and foremost, so when The Great Departure was happening and she found that there were no plans to take the Domesday book, she smuggled it with the help of her friend. She wrote a small explanation on what the book was and slotted it within the inside cover.

Gender Identity



University of Manchester



Accomplishments & Achievements

BA Hons in Linguistics Smuggled the Domesday book

Personality Characteristics


To preserve England's linguistic history
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Incriptionist
England, Earth
Long and brown with parts at the front that frame the face that are coloured differently
8.5 stone
Known Languages

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