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The Universe

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The universe is as diverse as it is expansive and with the constant advancements in communicative and travel orientated technology, the interconnected planets, solar systems and even galaxies are far easier to explore than ever before.   From the planet Xerta: An extremely dense gas giant so large that its gravity attracts such variance in artefacts with value far beyond what most own, of which the cloudlings horde and later gift to those lucky enough to find their home.   To the planet Area: Also known as "Heaven and Hell" or "Hah". Half Winter Wonderland, half volcanic hellscape, home to the angelic Faereal and demonic Naethkreal.   To Prison Austren: the largest prison planet in the known universe. No one wants to end up here. The saying "I'll see you in Austren" isn't a saying for no reason.   And that's just scratching the surface. There are many more such as Metropolis: the city that got so big, they went even bigger upwards, or T.V: The planet dedicated to news from anywhere and everywhere, and the many, many waste planets and unmentionables we try our best to ignore on the galactic tour bus.

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