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Magocratic Metroplis

Fishbowl is the city in the Nexusium, while the people don't really have a name for the city. It mostly being called Fishbowl by outsiders and Imperial Officials.


Mostly Human, but some of the friendly Oceanic races such as the Tritons and certain Merfolk populations.   The Most common job in Fishbowl is a job in the Magister Guild, which is extremely influential in the city. Which includes Researchers, Librarians, Record Keepers, and Explorers.


While a city of the Empire, it is left to rule it's self due to the extreme distance of being on another plane of existence. The Council Of The Nexus is a group of the oldest individuals of Fishbowl, they create the laws and enforce Imperial Law. This council is mostly brought in to deal with cases that the many courts of Law in Fishbowl can't deal or solve. Mostly involve race and research into the forbidden arts, such as Blood Magic and Necromancy.   Other then the Council, Fishbowl has a complicated set of courts and laws which seem to work enough when dealing with criminals and vagabonds.


Due to the total exclusion of the outside plane, Fishbowl's only defense is the thick Entrium glass which prevents the endless ocean of L'Borean from flooding the Metropolis. Though when needed, the Council can unleash the Wavebreakers. A unit of expertly crafted golems which can fight back invaders.

Industry & Trade

While Fishbowl has nothing to really trade, it's major industry is Magic Materials. Usually shipped to Fishbowl for construction, Fishbowl has some of the largest "Factories" in the Empire. Though these are less of factories and more of workshops.


Fishbowl has vast fields of magically grown crops, all the way to the extremely urban streets of the center of Fishbowl. Though most food is shipped from the Material Plane, there are some crops only able to be grown in L'Borean. The city has your basics roads, restaurants, and universities. That's pretty much it besides the homes of the people of Fishbowl, which are beautifully crafted out marble and white stone. Carved with magic. Though most live in the campus' of the universities.   The three major colleges are Newlbrink University, Imperial University, and Melon's University. Many from all over the Twilight Realms send their children to Fishbowl to enroll in the many high esteem schools.


Fishbowl is known for its bizarre magic shops which might even rival the Market Of Inbetween Worlds. Besides that Fishbowl doesn't really have many assets besides The Staff Of Nebius, which is wielded by the Vizier or head of the Council Of The Nexus.

Guilds and Factions

There are several Gangs which live in the more urban parts of Fishbowl, none of them are very large or influential but are more of a burden on the systems of law.   The most influential guild in Fishbowl is Magister Guild, which is a department of the larger Empire and a guild. It has many guild halls inside Fishbowl.


Fishbowl was created as an experiment by the Magister Guild to create a city in L'Borean. The first few attempts failed, as the explorers drowned. But one woman called Nexus Belmith had an idea, they constructed one of the largest structures ever created by man and teleported it to the heart of L'Borean. It took a bit to find it again and they created a portal to it. Later adding it to the greater Imperial Wave Length. Over time the city has been built up to be a sprawling metropolis, almost science fiction in nature but completely formed with magic.


Mostly stone for structures other than homes, while the homes of Fishbowl are normally works of art of themselves. Elegantly constructed out of marble and other white stone. Magic is also quite common, having hovering runes which allow the user to fly to their balcony. And things like that.


Nothing is really around it, as it's floating in the Endless Ocean.

Natural Resources

It's also doesn't really have Natural Resources, due to the nature of L'Borean.
Alternative Name(s)
The City Of Magic
Inhabitant Demonym
Nexusians Or Boreanians
Location under

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