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Writ of Ascent

"Of the many inventions that mortalkind has procured over the millennia, bureaucracy is certainly one of the more cumbersome yet necessary ones."
-Phorsedes of the Updraft
  In the center of the capital city-state of the Citadel Coalition rests the Tower. Tall and magnificent, its height unimaginably great and its wonders within both mesmerizing and terrible, many seek wealth and glory as boons from inside its walls. With the relics procured from the Tower's innumerable floors both fame and fortune are indeed gifts it has to offer. The other, more common gift, is death.   Not just any person can simply walk into the Tower and go on an ascent. The Tower is carefully guarded for numerous reasons and one of the many is for the safety of the commonfolk. The lure of treasure attracts the desperate and the desperate are seldom prepared for the wonders and horrors of the Tower. Only certified Guild members or members of the Updraft with a writ of ascent may enter.   Writs of ascent are most commonly acquired by completing cloudcatcher mentorships provided by the Updraft. After going through the course, acquiring the appropriate ranks and obtaining the needed knowledge, one receives the writ and are deemed fit to go on an ascent. Whether or not one becomes a cloudcatcher is a different matter entirely.


The purpose of the writ of ascent is to differentiate between those fit to enter the Tower and those that are not. Not only does this bar entry for random civilians for their own protection, but it provides a means of preventing unsavory individuals from entering as well. The Tower is located within the borders of the Citadel Coalition. With its riches both untold and discovered in the form of relics and fabergé technology, the Citarii people have an advantage on the global scale. On many an occasion, Mekarii agents and other foreigners were prevented from going on ascents to seek relics of power to be turned back onto Citadel in wars. Even would-be Chaesian spies were stopped in the past.   Nowadays, the foreign enemies of Citadel grow more keen and deceptive. Though foreign agents are still stopped here or there, they weren't exactly the brightest gemstones in the clutch. Recent conflicts and skirmishes with the Mekarii have shown that they've indeed managed to get cloudcatcher teams of their own into the Tower and have returned with relics. Until a better method is drafted to deal with this issue, the writ of ascent shall remain at the forefront of Citadel's efforts.
Licence, Professional

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