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The Jinara Catacombs

Built at the site of the ancient Battle of Jinara's Gate, the Devil's Crypt is, in fact, a massive, sprawling system of catacombs that were dug and built to bury the 25,000 casualties of the battle. According to legend, however, there is a secret chamber located somewhere in the catacombs that is an eternal prison for the Devourer of Souls, Quien Shan. The original map of the catacombs has long since been lost, and multiple attempts to map the catacombs in the centuries since have only scratched the surface. Because of this, numerous legends and stories have grown up around the site. Ghost sightings, alien landings, ancient curses, disappearances, and hidden treasures are all spoken of in relation to the Devil's Crypt. Today, the battlefield is a Historic Site, and much of the catacombs is closed to the public. There are tours, however, of the better explored areas closer to the surface.

Purpose / Function

The catacombs were dug by almost 30 different crews to bury the 25,000 dead after the Battle of Jinara's Gate. According to legend, however, the true purpose of the Devil's Crypt was to act as a prison for Quien Shan.


There was originally some sort of small keep, or perhaps a watchtower over the entrance to the catacombs. it fell to ruin over time, however. Now a modern reconstruction of a similar-age castle sits in its place, and serves as a visitor center for the historic site.


The first few levels of the catacombs feature high arched ceilings and long corridors. Floors are well-paved, and the area is well-lit and dry. As you go deeper, however, the levels become increasingly cramped, dark, and damp.


The Battle of Jinara's Gate was one of the bloodiest conflicts of Quien Shan's war, a global conflict that decimated the planet Eriah over 3,000 years ago. It was also the final battle, and saw Quien Shan defeated and buried deep beneath the surface. The 25,000 soldiers who had died defeating him were buried above him, and a castle was built over the massive grave site. After a few hundred years, the castle fell into ruin, as the region's strategic importance decreased with the progression of technology. Two hundred years ago, conservationists petitioned the government to restore the castle and turn the catacombs and battlefield into a Historic Site.
Alternative Names
The Devil's Crypt
Barrow / Burial ground

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