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Maktar is an irradiated wasteland on the fringes of the Tech Empire, destroyed in an ancient war that is barely a sentence in most history books. Maktar is a bountiful source of fuel, however, so its arid surface is littered with a millennium of oil rigs, processing plants, and military installations.   While these facilities exist in relatively stable conditions with regular supplies from off-world, venturing too far from these safe havens is courting disaster. Dying from thirst or exposure is guaranteed if someone becomes lost. in certain regions, there are deadly plants as well, which feed off sunlight but are always eager to turn living creatures into a food source as well.


The entire surface of the planet is a desert wasteland. Even the oceans have dried up, though workers on the rigs continually spread stories of mysterious oases, or lost underground rivers. In spite of these stories, extensive explorations and even scans from outer space have failed to find even a single drop of water on the planet.The outlines of the old oceans and seas can still be seen, however, and riverbeds still snake across the planet's surface. If it weren't for the incredible oil reserves just beneath the surface, the planet would have been forgotten long ago.

Natural Resources

While most of the more advanced planets use nuclear or solar power for their vehicles and infrastructure, a few dozen planets still rely heavily on oil. This makes oil-rich planets like Maktar extremely valuable. As a result of this, oil rigs dot the surface of this desert world, pulling the precious fuel to the surface. A number of military installations of various eras can also be found scattered across the planet, as the rich oil fields have made Maktar a prime target during times of war.
Alternative Name(s)
The Red Death, The Fuel Depot, Sandbowl

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