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The Farrenians are a warlike humanoid race of the planet Orenda. They are one of the three intelligent species to inhabit the world, and they live in large tribes which control the majority of the planet's flat land. Their culture is, for the most part, built around a constant state of aggression between the tribes, as well as frequent wars against the tribes or nations of the other two races they share the planet with.   Every tribe of Farrenians venerates a particular hero from their past, creating a totem based on that hero's exploits. Warriors of the tribe continually compare themselves to the tribe's hero. If they are able to achieve a feat that their tribe's hero is venerated for, they are allowed to mark themselves with a sigil associated with that aspect of the totem. Warriors with more sigils are awarded greater respect than warriors with less sigils.   In the same way that warriors of a particular tribe measure themselves against a hero from their past, the different tribes measure their worth by the prowess of their particular hero. This rivalry between the tribes - combined with a medieval-equivalent level of technology that makes the tribes very dependent and natural conditions for resources - often leads to conflicts between the various tribes.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Anala, Verian, Mixal, Jillia

Masculine names

Brokis, Analim, Mortun, Wensun

Unisex names

Verlis, Hexian

Family names

Vaskis, Herric, Fortris, Maskij


Major language groups and dialects

There are five main language groups among the Farrenians. These are Gentwill, Recul, Depheris, Xoris, and Operill. Each of these major language groups are divided into a wide range of dialects between tribes, some of which are almost identical (within language groups) and some which are almost an entirely different language.


Beauty Ideals

Both males and females of the Farrenians prioritize strength and power. Most adults are just over 6 feet tall, with little difference in size between males and females. Darker eyes are prized, due to the old belief that dark-colored eyes saw better in the dark. Farrenians have protruding jaws with large, sharp teeth, and bigger teeth are seen as more attractive.

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