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Farrenian Longhouse

While many of the Farrenian nations are nomadic, just as many live in permanent or semi-permanent cities. These cities - typically with populations between 5,000 and 10,000 people - are located in particular resource rich locations, or locations with particular military significance.   Within their cities, Farrenian families live in large, multi-generation halls. Depending on location, these halls can be made of either wood, stone, or even packed earth, but all share the same basic design features. Most halls are rectangular, while the larger halls are occasionally made up of two rectangles placed together in a cross shape. Doors are located on the ends of the longhouse, with large hearths placed in the center. Smaller longhouses are just one room, but larger ones often have many rooms located along a corridor that runs lengthwise through the house.   Within the cities, Farrenian longhouses are typically clustered together in clan districts. Particularly wealthy or powerful families often have enclosed courtyards. Longhouses built outside city walls or away from other members of the tribe are typically fortified with stone walls or palisades and corner towers. Sometimes, however, these walls are left out and the house itself is fortified instead, with loopholes on the first floor, and a watchtower incorporated into the house's construction.


Farrenian longhouses can be built with a variety of construction materials dependent on location, but home layouts typically follow the same basic design. Longhouses are rectangular, or occasionally cross-shaped with entrances on the further ends and a chimney in the center of the building. Roofs are typically steeply sloped to allow rain and/or snow to slide off, though examples of longhouses with flat roofs do exist in more arid climates. A few of these examples even have stairs leading up onto the roof, allowing the family to use the space as a sort of courtyard.

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