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Blue-Leaf Alacon

The Blue-Leaf Alacon is a hearty grain with edible blue leaves. It originated on the planet Enkarius, but the Annunaki quickly discovered that it could thrive in a wide range of climates, and so they spread it to the many planets they brought into their alliance. With a rapid growing cycle and prolific returns, the Blue-Leaf Alacon quickly became the most common grain the in the Thousand Worlds. This has led to concerns on a few planets, where growth of the grain has pushed out weaker local species. A handful of planets now grow the plant entirely in green houses, but many secondary-tier planets are still exclusively farmland for growing this food-source.

Basic Information


Healthy Alacon plants reach almost two meters in height, with large leaves alternating on either side of the stalk. At the base of each leaf is a seed pod, which is harvested for grain.

Genetics and Reproduction

Originally, each seed pod on the plant was capable of producing new plants. however, through genetic manipulation, only the topmost pod of most modern strains reach maturity and are capable of being planted.

Growth Rate & Stages

Stalks emerge from the ground within the second week after planting, unless the ground is too dry. By the third week, small leaves will begin to appear. These grow rapidly, soaking up sunlight and causing the plant to grow quickly. Within eight weeks, the Blue-Leaf Alacon will reach harvesting age, though it will have to be left unharvested for another two weeks if the farmer wishes to plant the seeds.

Ecology and Habitats

The Blue-Leaf Alacon is incredibly versatile, and can be found in climates from tropical jungles to more moderate taigas. With adequate drainage, the Blue-Leaf Alacon can even be grown in rain-forests, though this is not common. As long as it has adequate sun during its growing season, it can grow in even harsh soil. If given fertile soil and allowed to reach maturity, it can even push out other plants and spread beyond the original fields.
Scientific Name
Salmu Alacon
Conservation Status
The Blue-Leaf Alacon is a widely-grown commercial crop throughout the Thousand Worlds.

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