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The Berylocaur is a large, plant-eating creature found on plains and in forests of the planet Orenda. The Berylocaur is a reptile, roughly 2 meters in height at the shoulder, with a thick, scaly hide and a short, sharp beak. They have been domesticated and bred by the Farrenians to be used as either beasts of burden or as mounts in their fights against other warriors. Their size makes them great for carrying heavy loads, and also makes them absolutely devastating in a cavalry charge.

Basic Information


Berylocaurs are massive, reptilian beasts with heavy bodies and thick limbs. They are incredibly strong, and faster than you might expect from looking at them. They have four limbs and typically walk on just their hind legs, thought they can drop to all fours for running.

Genetics and Reproduction

Berylocaurs are reptiles, and as such hatch their young from eggs. Females typically lay 2 nests of eggs per year. Eggs are typically laid in mid spring or early fall, and nests are dug into the ground and covered with dead grass and dirt. Nests are often quite hard to find, unless the person looking for them is an experienced Berylocaur-wrangler.

Growth Rate & Stages

Newborn Berylocaurs are just over 12 pounds, and are up and running within an hour of being born. Young Berylocaurs grow quickly, reaching full-size by the age of 4 or 5 years old.

Ecology and Habitats

Berylocaurs are cold-blooded, which means they do not do well in cold environments. They can, however, be found anywhere with a moderate or tropical climate, and plenty of grass for them to feed on.
30 years
Conservation Status
There are wild herds of Berylocaurs in uninhabited areas, and there are also large herds raised and used by the various groups of Farrenians. Because of how widespread they are and how large their population is, conservation isn't really a concern.
Average Height
2 meters
Average Weight
1,300 pounds
Average Length
8 meters

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