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God of Nature

Gaera wanders the deep, ancient forests. Mercurial, untamed, she follows her whims and passions, tests herself, and, above all, she survives. She is the hunter goddess and the goddess of the natural world, which she seeks to preserve in its unspoiled state. Cities and walls – and the rules they represent – offend her. Hunters and survivalists’ number among those who revere her. And those who survive by their own strength and cunning earn her respect. But there is little love for Gaera amongst the civilized peoples of the world. The wood elves do show her respect, and she respects them in return, for they never go into the wild places unprepared to protect themselves. Druids often revere Gaera, though many feel more kinship toward Hesta. A small, unusual cult of paladins swear the Oath of the Ancients to Gaera, preserving the world against unnatural threats.

Greater Diety
Domains: Nature, Pragmatism, The Hunt

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