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Wurzelhavian City Guard Headquarters

Walking through the city square, you notice people turn their heads to look behind you. You turn around to follow their gaze, and see two guards escorting a man with his head down, barely hiding a large bruise on his face. "You'll probably get off with just a warning this time", one of the guards tell him, as they open the door to a medium sized building. A sign hangs next to the door, portraying a guard's helmet over a shield, and the motto, "The People's Peace". This is the headquarters of the Wurzelhavian City Guard.

Headquarters Layout

The guard headquarters is made up of the office of the captain of the guard, the guard barracks, the armory, and the vault.

Captain's Office

The captain of the guard has their office here. They conduct most of their bureacratic business inside. It's well furnished to a high standard, and quite comfortable. The captain usually interrogates suspected criminals in their office.


The barracks are a place of respite for guards on duty. Here they can eat, sleep, or otherwise relax while their services aren't immediately needed. Though there rarely are more than six staying here at any time, there are bunk beds enough to house 24 guards.

The Armory

The guards has a well stocked armory that includes both weapons and armor. Spears, bows, swords, arrows, shields, helmets, chain and leather armor, and even some more unique items are available to the guards. For the most part, the Wurzelhavian guards carry either a spear, sword, or bow and arrows, though sometimes circumstances might require other weapons.

The Vault

Sometimes valuable items needs to be securely stored, and that's where the vault comes in. It's a small room that has been fortified with strong walls, and an iron reinforced door with a complicated lock. Inside are kept items criminals have on them at the time of arrest, magical weapons for the guard, items that are the focus of a legal dispute, and more. The captain of the guard is the only person with the key to the vault.
Alternative Names
The Guard
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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