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Awe-inspiring size

Like a mountain in the sea, Like a tower, in the breeze, There, a soldier, standing be, There, an island, of these trees.   Like a beacon of the light, Almost reaching to those heights, There, a hero, dressed in white, There the turrim, through the nights.
– An Outrider Drone's poetry
  The turrim tree, towering up to two hundred fifty meters over the floor of the Kava forest, is one of the main plant species of the Zentland kava forests. Due to its immense height, it grows massive limbs, which accumulate organic material and sometimes even become their own micro-ecosystems.

Basic Information


From above, it almost looks like you are a bee, flying above a sea of grass with small saplings towering around you. Everything here is so massive in scale... it just makes you feel so... awestruck.
– Newly-arrived colonist
  The tree is in this case an actual tree. Unlike the kava plant, it is not hollow, and has "Earth-conventional" methods of reproduction through seed pods.   The plant is not as strong per unit weight as the kava, and instead makes up for the wood's weakness with sheer mass. A single tree may weigh up to one million kilograms. However, its weight means that it is easily toppled if not properly rooted, and therefore the trees only appear in parts of the forest-marsh with relatively solid ground.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The trees originated in the coastal forest of Western Zentland. However, in the ecosystem this world is focusing on, the kava forest, they occur sporadically, generally in places where the ground is more solid and less saturated with water.

Scientific Name
Arborvitae semperrubrum
Zentland Kava Forest, Clara
1,000 to 3,000 years
Conservation Status
Near Threatened
Average Height
160 to 250 meters
Average Weight
Variable, up to one million kilograms

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5 Dec, 2018 04:13

I love the imagery this brings. I'd be very interested in anything that lives perhaps in its top canopy, or if it has any epiphytes?

5 Dec, 2018 14:20

Ah yes, I'm using this WorldEmber to catalogue all of my flora and fauna. So far I've only gotten four species, but I'll hopefully get more mosses and lichens done soon :)