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The mother of all Halorin speech

Halor have the ability to mimic human speech, and after Domefall many have become fluent in English and other human languages. However, few humans are fluent in any halor language: their complex songs are beyond the capability of many. The best I can manage is a greeting call.
– Archaeological Chief Peter Larson
  Proto-Halorese was the basic means of communication within the Dome of Light at the time of the arrival of drones. Many different local dialects and languages have sprung up from the base language, but this was the first, original Halor language. Expressed by complex bird song, Proto-Halorese is the basis of all modern Halor language.


The Proto-Halorese alphabet is theorized to be logographic, with one character for each word. The character marks closely resemble the pitch and components of the song produced. According to the same Bai et. al study, the characters were found recorded in a cave wall earlier by Outrider Drones. (1198)

Geographical Distribution

Ohhh, you think all these languages came from here? You humans are so cute! So simple-minded. It probably comes from Zentland, we can agree on that. But west of the Thousand Peak Range? No, no, no...
– Holman speaking to Marion's research team
  Proto-Halorese is by now an extinct language, but its descendants are now spoken widely by Halorin both within the dome and outside of it. The language is theorized to have originated in the bamboo forests east of the Salt Range on the continent of Zentland. (Holman et. al, 1274; Kalison et. al, 1261) However, this hypothesis is contested by other scholars, who contend that the language originated west of the Thousand Peak Range on the other edge of Zentland. (Marion et. al, 1271)


Traditional Call
Example Sonogram by ElementalShrike
  The sounds are similar to those that you would expect from bird song on earth. According to linguistic studies done by Liam Bai's team, the proto-song recorded by drones during early stages of terraforming made heavy use of inflection and pitch slides to convey meaning. (Bai et. al, 1198)   To convey this language in human form, often sonograms are used, a technology from long, long ago on Earth. An example sonogram of the Claran equivalent to "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" is shown above.

Common Phrases
hoo-eet, hoo-eet, ka Good day (formal)

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31 Dec, 2018 20:39

I sense an expansion on the last article I read :) While on the shorter end of the spectrum it was a nice read. It conveyed the critical information about how the language is structured and expressed. One thing that would help readers new to your world is a short summery/explanation about who the Halor are, even if you could make educated guesses

31 Dec, 2018 21:22

The diction of the article makes the language sound ancient as intended. But I wonder, with the usage of the word "drones" were this language's speakers a hive-minded society? I also imagine the speakers to be some sort of birdfolk with the comparison to bird songs. Was I correct in assuming this?

1 Jan, 2019 20:04

I love this language, as a seed for some Sci-fi intrigue. I picture something along the lines of a Navajo codetalker but speaking on a whole other frequency. Could someone in your world speak Halorese and another language at the same time? I picture this as two layers being transmitted at the same time, the other language would be carried in the text of what is said, the Halorese would be transmitted in the tone of what is said.

26 Jan, 2019 11:07

This is super cool - love the concept! Your sonogram reminds me of medieval neumes which were an early form of music notation. They might give you more inspiration for developing a written language?