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Lisse' Venorik-Velve

High Enchantress Lisse' Venorik-Velve

Ancient beyond belief Lisse' started her life as a Shadow Blade for one of the most powerful families in the Underdark. She was feared for her mastery of both assassination techniques, and also for her skill with all forms of magic, primarily enchanting. Eventually, after many hundreds of years Lisse' became bored of the Underdark and its denizens and decided to leave, explore the rest of the world, and to see what there was to see.   After an ill-fated adventure to recover a priceless gem from a dragon's hoard, Lisse' found herself transported to The Sapphire Realm, something that was not totally unwelcome to her.   Having spent a century exploring the lands, Lisse' eventually settled down in Black Rose Tavern in the Realm's capital city. There she met her husband, Melfice, who despite his rogueish and unfaithful ways, she had twins with. Living with their friend Addica Rose, they brought the tavern to prosperity and fame, welcoming travelers from across the realms into their establishment, learning new spells, and gaining more notoriety with every happy visitor. After a long while, when Addica had long since left for the Summerlands, and their children had grown and left on adventures of their own. Lisse' and Melfice ran the tavern themselves.   Happy for some time, eventually, things turned sour and in a fit of rage after her husbands return from yet another 10 year fling with a human, Lisse' cut off his head, enchanting it, and his body. This enchantment assured that Melfice would never be able to be unfaithful again, it also ensured that he would be by her side forever, though the only part of him that would remain there was his still-alive head.    For the past centuries, Melfice has remained close to and faithful to his lover, offering her, and adventurers advice whenever he can, and offering regular sarcastic comments the rest of the time.


Contacts & Relations

Husband - Melfice (head in a bag)

Family Ties

Melfice - Husband   - Son   - Daugther

Social Aptitude

Highly Charismatic


Clear spoken with a firm tone, Lisse' will often use gentle touch as a way to convince others to trust her, or to do things her way.

Chaotic Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
High Enchantress of the Venorik-Velve family. Owner of The Black Rose Tavern
Current Residence
The Sapphire Realm
Biological Sex
Ruby Red, slim and tiled upwards.
Butt Length, Pure white with streaks of blood red through it. Often her hair is done in intricate braids, or one long simple braid that drapes across her shoulder.
Skin Tone
Deep Blue Gray, almost black.
Known Languages
Common, Elven, Draconic.
Appears in...

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