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The metals used for making these items can be found in the appendix, ever yitem needs as much resources as it has weight. Meaning a Plate with a weight of 65lb needs 65 Iron ingots, while a sword needs 4 Iron ingots because it's weight is 4lb.


Calculating Creation DC

Base + Weapon Material cat + 2 for each additional weapon Property


Ex: A Obsidian Longsword with The Finesse and Serrated Property has a dc of 10 + 3 + 2 + 2 = 16


Creation Time Table

Equasion to calculate it's worth (MetalCost x MetalCount(lbs) + Attack Modifier price)

+0 50 GP
+1 475 GP
+2 4.750 GP
+3 47.500 GP
  example: A Obsidian Longsword (+1) with The Finesse and Serrated Property (DC 16) 65gp x 3lbs + 475 gp = 670gp  


Calculating the Required time for each metal

All the way down in the appendix from this homebrew, you will find a list of all available metals and there theoretical prices. we use the following equation to determine the time required to make our objects:


Smithing tools:

Required for making these items is are Smithing Tools. Smithing tools takes 30 minutes to set up, and requires 2 pieces of wood each hour to maintain the flames for your creations.


Checks made with these tools are as following: d20 + (Proficiency) + Constitution Modifier. These checks needs to be done at the beginning, mid and end to create a item. If the Average of these Checks ever drops below the DC of the created item, the item and the items used for it are forfait.   Ex: You make a obsidian longsword having a DC of 16.   First Check: results in a 26. The sword seems to be ok. Second Check: results in a 6. The sword seems to be ok because (26+6)/2 = 16, so it succeeds. If the last Check is lower than 16 the sword fails, if it succeeds the sword is finished.


Crafting speed calculation:

The speed of your crafting = 25gp x ((your level*1.5) * (Proficiency/2 rounded down)) .

hours to make your item: item price / your crafting speed  

This means if you have your obsidian sword which values is 670gp you need 27 session of 4 hours to craft it at level 1 Smithing and 1 fighter.


Smithing Achievements

Level Feature Levelup
0 Choose 3 weapons which you can craft from list nr1 2 Unique Items
1 Gain proficiency with smithing tools. 4 Unique Items
2 Choose 4 weapons which you can craft from list nr1 or 2 8 Unique Weapons
3 Choose 3 mods from the list which you can apply to a weapon. To a maximum of one additional mod per weapon 16 Unique Weapons
4 Choose 5 weapons which you can craft from list nr1 or 2 30 Unique Weapons
5 Choose 3 mods from the list which you can apply to a weapon. To a maximum of two additional mods per weapon 50 Unique Weapons
+ Choose 2 weapons from list nr 1 or 2 and one additional mod. every 10 Unique Weapons

Weapon list

Level Items
1 Dagger, Handaxe, Light Hammer, Mace, Sickle, Chain shirt, Breastplate
2 Battleaxe, Flail, Glaive, Greataxe, Greatsword, Halberd, Lance, Longsword, Maul, Morningstar, Pike, Rapier, Scimitar, Shortsword,
Trident, War Pick, Warhammer, Half plate, Ring mail, Chain mail, Splint, Plate
    HOWEVER! you cannot make the same weapon twice to gain experience from it.  

Smithing Mod List

Two-handed (Heavy Weapon)All
Finesse (Light weapon)All
Armor PiercingAll
BreachBludgeoning and Piercing
CoatedDagger, Dart
CrankedHand Crossbow
DeflectSlashing with Finess
GrabWhip, Net
High-drawShortbow, longbow
Mount-killerspear, Pike, lance
SerratedSlashing, Piercing
SlimLight weapons
Steel rainDagger, Dart, Handaxe

Weapon Properties:

Armor piercing: Instead of taking the attack action with this weapon, you may spend your action to make a single attack with advantage. If this attack hits, you may add an additional damage die to the damaged rolled for every instance of the Extra Attack feature you possess. On a critical hit, you double these damage die.   Balanced: This weapon's balance allows it to be thrown much farther than normal. The increase to range is displayed next to this feature in each weapon block. A weapon without the ranged property gains Throwing(20/40).   Bash: A weapon with this property is especially devestating on a lucky hit. When the wielder lands a critical hit with this weapon, they may cause a limb on a living creature to go numb, causing one of the creature's legs is numbed, cutting their land speed in half until for 1d4 turns.   Breach: This weapon is designed to fight foes who wear heavy armors, bashing helms, denting breast plates and battering shields alike. The first attack a weapon with this quality makes each turn against a foe in heavy or medium armor is made with advantage.   Coated: The weapon appears to have holes in it's blade. Add a +1 to the save DC whenever you inflict a poison with this attack.   Cranked: A crossbow with a hand crank may be reloaded at a much greater rate than normal. A crossbow with this property allows the weilder to make an attack with it as a bonus action.   Crushing: The weapon is especially potent against inanimate objects. Attacks against objects made with it are made at advantage, and all hits against these objects deal an additional 5 damage.   Deflect: Techniques this weapon use involve blocking and weaving as much as they do attacking. When a creature damages you with a weapon attack while you are wielding this weapon, you may use your reaction to reduce the damage by your dexterity modifier. This property may be applied to piercing weapons as well.   Grab: This weapon has a length of rope or chain on it that a skilled user may attempt to use to grab and disarm their foes. When attacking a foe in your reach with this weapon, you may use a bonus action to force an opposed athletics check. If you succeed, you may disarm or grapple the foe.   High-draw: Pulling back this bow's string is as much a feat of strength as it is skill. You may use your strength or dexterity bonus on attack and damage rolls with this weapon.   Momentum: This weapon is weighted for a continuous, fluid dance, and can leverage the momentum it gains to greater effect. This weapon has advantage on the first attack roll each turn against a lightly or unarmored target.   Mount-killer: This weapon is meant to be used to deal greater damage to mounts that charge into them. Instead of taking the attack action or ready action, you may use your action to set your spear. When a mounted creature moves towards you and enters your reach, you may use your reaction to make an attack against its mount. This attack is automatically treated like a critical hit if it lands, regardless of the actual roll. If this kills the mount, the rider must make a DC 13 dexterity saving throw or be pinned beneath the mount when it collapses.   Pin: When you damage a prone creature with this weapon, you may use your bonus action to attempt perform one of the following effects to a creature one size larger than you or smaller. The attempt requires you to succed on an opposed athletics check with the target. If you succeed, you are unable to use the weapon until you release your target or it escapes.
  • You may pin the target's weapon to the ground, preventing them from wielding it until they can overcome your original athletics check.
  • You pin the creature's leg to the ground, preventing it from moving until it succeeds against your original athletics check.
  • You pin the creature's arm to the ground, preventing it from using that limb until it succeeds against your original athletics check.
Serrated The edge of the blade is jagged, because of this it will tear extra deep into the skin. Whenever you roll a 1 on your weapon damage die, reroll it but you have to use the new value.   Slicing: While this weapon may not deal much damage on a particular hit, the wounds it inflicts are instead meant to slowly bleed the enemy dry. This weapon deals -1 damage on damage rolls, but creatures damaged by it begin bleeding. A bleeding creature is dealt 1 damage at the start of their turn for each time they are damaged by this weapon. All bleeding is stopped by a creature using their action to perform a successful DC 10 wisdom (medicine) check or by recieving magical healing. Undead, elementals and constructs are immune to this effect.   Slim: This weapon is made in a way it can be hidden in almost any place underneath your clothing. Whenever you are checked for weapons, this weapon can bypass a search check on you.   Steel rain: When you are making ranged weapon attacks with this throwing weapon and either have an open hand or both hands full of weapons with this property, you may make two additional ranged attacks with these weapons as a bonus action (assuming you have enough to throw). Treat these as offhand weapon attacks for determining what modifies their damage.        

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CatNameMetal CostmodArmor EffectWeapon Effect
1Coal2sp+0can be ignited to deal d12 fire damage on 5-foot radius (including yourself)* each roundcan be ignited to deal d6 fire damage each hit*
2Silver5gp+0Halve Enchantment cost, Double Smithing cost,,
2Meteoric Iron10gp+0d6 fire damage on hitd4 extra fire damage
2Erudite15gp+0Resistance vs first element hit each dayAbsorb first element it touches each day + d4
3Gold25gp+0Selling price * 25,,
3Mithril45gp+2Half weight same strengthhalf weight same strength
3Merridite65gp+1Resistance vs Piercing, vulnerability vs bludgeoning+2 on piercing weapons
3Corubtanium65gp+1Resistance vs Slashing, vulnerability vs Piercing+2 on slashing weapons
3Obsidian65gp+1Resistance vs bludgeoning, vulnerability vs slashing+2 on bludgeoning weapons
4Platinum100gp+0Selling price * 100,,
4Adamantite350gp+3Can't be crit (double weight)Able to destroy iron weapons (DC 10 + weight) (double weight)
4Skyrite500gp+2+1 on saving throws against undead or fiendweapon acts as magical vs undead & fiend creature. deal d4 true damage on these
4Finimagus750gp+2unable to cast magic, +1 on saves vs magicConcentration checks are made with disadvantage
4Cammorite250gp+2+2 on stealth checksattacks with this weapon can never be made with advantage or disadvantage
4Demonite500gp+2+1 on saving throws against celestrials or feyweapon acts as magical vs celestrial & fey creature. deal d4 true damage on these
2Terranite1000gp+4anyone touching this piece who isn't worthy recieves 2d8 true damage each round,,


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