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The Maldrus

A body of fire, magma, and sludge covers the area known as The Maldrus, slowly spreading outwards and taking more land under its desolation. The source of the Maldrus, as well as exactly what the material is that carries its spread, are both unknown.


The Maldrus is widely considered one of the most dangerous regions in the Riftgrounds. In addition to the heat and the smoke, the strange sludge that oozes around most of the area is difficult to avoid, and even more difficult to escape were one to get caught in it. The area is also widely regarded as bearing some kind of dark curse, and few who wander into this area ever return without horrible stories, and wounds to show for it.   The terrain is desolate and rocky, all other life smothered or burned away by the flames. Ash and smoke fill the air enough to limit visibility and make breathing difficult, particularly in combination with the extreme heat. This gets far worse when storms crop up, throwing ash and fire around on the wind, as well as broken shards of glass-like stone.   Hidden within all the desolate waste are towers of glistening stone, their origins uncertain. They seem to appear slowly as the Maldrus spreads, forming into monoliths that radiate with magical power. While their existence and magical nature has been documented, no one has been able to get close enough for long enough to determine what form of magic they possess.

Fauna & Flora

Very little at all is able to live in the Maldrus. There are a very few lizards that are able to withstand the hostile conditions, though what they eat is unknown. Otherwise, only the very occasional fire elemental has been documented. There are legends of monsters have been seen roaming the isles however, which are typically believed to have been demons, as the Maldrus isn't terribly dissimilar to what is known of their home.

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