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Grand, sweeping plains. Towering mountains that gaze down at the splendor of their world rolling out beneath them. Titanic oceans that churn with the rolling of the waves, where beautiful schools of fish swim like ink across the page. These and more are the sights of Materia, the plane of all material existence in the greater cosmology. Of the three planes, it is the most populous, as its neutral state allows for both natural and magical evolution to move unimpeded by either Astria's stagnation or Stygia's chaos. It is also the largest, with tens of thousands of individual realms known presently, and untold millions suspected to be waiting for discovery. It is a great tapestry of all of life's permutations, a sphere of spheres all orbiting the central point of all reality: The Source.   The geography and makeup of individual worlds within Materia is dizzying in its variety, with some worlds being barren, lifeless husks of rock with little value to others being teeming, hot jungles with untold thousands of unique species of plants and animals. Some are mundane in their composition, while others are formed from rare, magically-attuned materials that make them key resources for those who hold them. An entire world may be a single, massive freshwater ocean while another may be little more than dusty salt flats with briny rivers. The possibilities, from size, composition, life, and all other aspects are seemingly endless.

Fauna & Flora

Most of all known life in the cosmos originates and lives within Materia. While several species have grown and lived in Astria and Stygia, the nature of those planes stymies the sort of explosive organic growth that typifies Materia. Even hostile realms such as deserts and tundras teem with life, from bears that stalk the frigid, icy plains to blind, magically-sensitive arthropods that lie in wait beneath the sands, waiting for their next meal. To categorize or list every plant and animal would be a titanic effort, beyond the means and scope of entire scientific communities.

Natural Resources

Depending on the region that one finds themselves in, Materia is a cornucopia of rich lands ready for exploitation. Wood, iron, stone, and other basic materials are fairly common as a whole, allowing for vast infrastructure to be built up for those races with access to the Realm Gates. Many worlds boast strange and wonderful resources as well, from crystal-like materials that can hold magical energies--effectively creating a magic battery--to metals stronger than steel, denser than dying stars, but light as wood. Of course, there are areas of the plane that, whether by the hands of mortals or by pure circumstance, are void of any material value, just as some worlds hold rich soil suitable for growing crops while others are barren and dusty.

Alternative Name(s)
The Material World, The Realmscape
Planar Sphere/Grouping

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