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The Realmscape

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Eons ago, the Architects made their first steps into the blinding light of reality. Where before impassioned magi had been decried for their assertion of the existence of other worlds, now a civilization stood poised to create an empire to stand the march of time. They succeeded.   But all things are fated to fall, and their Empire was no different. No amount of magic nor technology could stave off the many enemies their careless abuse of power had brought. In the span of a heartbeat, what had taken millennia to create collapsed into faded memories and ruins haunted by bitter, forgotten dreams. But nature abhors vacuum, and there are also others to rise and fill the void left by another.   Now the Eternal Empire stands as the greatest of powers. From their throne in the glittering silver city of Etria, long lings of Empresses and Emperors have forged the fate of untold millions with the stroke of a pen or the strike of a sword. Though challengers have arisen to check what was once a ceaseless growth, their borders hold firm. The Convent, with their machines and dogmatic faith, nor the Exiles and their strength of will, have managed to crack the aegis.   Change yet remains the watch word of the Realmscape, though. Dark secrets long forgotten rumble in lost places, and hidden agendas hang above the powerful and the frail alike as a viper poised to strike. What happens next, none can say...