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The Seared

A burning scar that never quite healed

An Endless Inferno

The sand shuffles beneath heavy footsteps. Under hot, scalding sunlight, the dry and unmoving air, with no vegetation or water insight is The Seared. A stretch of land that carries across many Worlds, where entire continents burn with the intensity of a thousand lasers. Very little people can travel here, let alone live.

The thud of something falling, and The Seared claims yet another victim.

To Forget, to Destroy

The Seared has many names- many languages, cultures and races know it. When society came to a halt, when the wheels of civilization had rusted and stopped, when hopelessness and expectations drove talented individuals to insanity. A fire, engineered to be unstoppable and all-consuming, meant to erase all that was known about the past, the present and the future. To bring about a new start in the world. A whisper here, a flick of the wrist there, harbingers of the Flame that travelled across worlds to ignite their messages to the Realm.

Even after it was extinguished, the fire remains in the air. The heat never dissipated, only fizzled upwards into the sky, where not even the highest soaring birds were spared from its hands. Prayers and cries go unheard, sealed away under hate and bloodshed. Plants wilt, animals fall, and the Great Flame rages on forever.


The Seared exists across multiple Worlds. Most Core, Inner and Outer worlds were hit. The Seared is completely burnt, with no river or ponds. There is very little if any vegetation, and either small insects or no life at all. There are no water reservoirs or water tables underground. It only rains near the coasts, where if the Flame were near a large body of water such as an ocean, the clouds may sometimes move inland and bring down water. However, this only occurs at night, near the poles, and during winter season. At any other time, the air is too dry for droplets to form.

The exact geology of the Seared depends what the area was like before the Flame.

Fauna & Flora

The most common type of animals in the Seared are small lizards, insects, and some other creatures who can survive in a desert environment. However, the Seared is much more unforgiving than any desert seen on Earth. The most well-adapted lifeform to survive the Seared is the Vei'Krescen.
Alternative Name(s)
Deimon diju (Haku-n), Pank'tik (Lamin), Sheigrna (Celian), etc

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