The Lavana

A grand ship ran by magic and wind that flows on the water. The ship takes the children to the academy where they can make connections and alliances. There is the mane ship as well as two battle ships joined on the sides.
The two conjoined ships have been attached due to an attack that happed on the ship a few years ago that risked the life of a royal. The attached ships are tarots for magic defence and wepondry and can be detached for agility to intercept the attacking ships. There are smaller ships that can be used as escape or one on one battle.
 On the mane ship is separated by class where the lower class is in dorms and aristocratic in personal rooms. Common areas dinning and caffaes all the eminitys you need are on the ship. This is also the last place where class is important when going to the school where ability is more important than family background.


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Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
8 Oct, 2021 16:45

This was the first article I read in this world/project. I jumped to the meta to see what was going on. I look forward to seeing how it evolves!

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