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Desmond Destiny

(a.k.a. Soul Doctor)

Desmond Destiny Ph.D., M.D., (born 3 Onover 246 AA), commonly known as Doctor Destiny, is an Eldern and Ascended Soulologist, as such he is one of the most powerful characters in the Plateau Saga. He is the father of Braen, grandfather of Marlon; Levitus; Serenity; and Symon, and the great-grandfather to Lucy and Ginger. He is committed to protecting the universe at any and all costs, however he does care for his family even if the way he shows this are often end up twisted and wrong. He has lived nearly ten-thousand years and has experienced a lot in that time throughout the universe. He has a position in many mythologies as a terrible protector or a healing doctor in a time of need. Recently he has settled on the Plateau in the guise of an old man to look after his daughter and her family, something he has failed miserably at. He, like the other Elderns, believes in the promised one, and would try anything to make sure such this does not come to pass.
Year of Birth
246 AR 9754 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born without conception
Biological Sex
Cisgender Male
Gender Identity
Cisgender Male
Ice blue
White and crowned
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
204 lbs

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