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One Stuff is worth about 10€/$. Stuff is the currency of the United High-Human Kingdoms of the Central World and although most governments have their own, Stuff is accepted nearly everywhere except at strictly anti-imperialistic locations.
One side probably shows a cat
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Used by
Very common
Depending on the coin 1-50 grams.
Depending on the coin a diameter of 1-10 centimeters.
Base Price
Depending on the coin 0.01 to 100 Stuff

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10 Feb, 2018 18:21

Love the idea of coinage just becoming 'Stuff'. Your entire world is insanely fun/worrying to think about.

Now working on
The Hylian Fantasy
10 Feb, 2018 22:13

Thx it started as a filler an then i decided that i like the name. Why is it worrying?

12 Feb, 2018 02:52

I'm bloody afraid of cats.

Now working on
The Hylian Fantasy
12 Feb, 2018 19:21