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Deep within an ancient temple of Scientae, a couple of adventurers discovered a lost soul of a deity from Feveral. Herikkan and The Conclave of the Pure plotted to trick Azusa and enslaved her into a soul canister for hundreds of years.  


Free Azusa   “Align the ins and outs.
Forget the pins and shouts.
Sky and earth, time and space.
Identify and birth, mime and trace.”  

Spirits of Feveral

Azusa has the ability to guide, communicate and rule over some spirits belonging to Feveral.  


Communicate for 1 minute. 1 mana.   Act for 1 turn. 2 mana.   Summon. 10 mana. Lasts for 1 minute, which can be extended for 1 minute for another 5 mana.  

D12 Krul (Aurelia).

Spirit of ferocity and strength in combat. Looks like a humanoid elephant warrior with the head and tusks of a great war elephant. Desires Power. Conquer a region threatening loxodon’s to assault with their army.  

D10 Manonnan (Tove).

Spirit of trees, sternness and poise. A large treant of an ancient origin, down along its branches, red-golden autumn leaves flow like a golden blanket. Desires Revenge. Avenge Azusa by charging head-on, high threat! Making usurpers into an example.  

D8 Jinji (Dexter).

Spirit of snakes, treachery and poison. Looks like a humanoid reptile with the body shape of a human but a snakes tail and head. Desires Influence. Wants to place dexter or another Kalevalian in a position of power and make Jinji a greater deity. They can use his influence to infiltrate and usurp.  

D6 Alani (Tycho).

Spirit of the strength and elegance in perfect balance. Looks like an ape with the beauty and elegance of a peacock. Desires Magic. Open a gate to another world. Using this mystical source to imbue themselves with great power.  

D4 Chali (Tiki).

Spirit of cheetas, speed and agility. Looks like a humanoid but has the features of a cheetah, including paw-like hand, feline legs and head. Desires Passion. Wants to prove their worth to the outcast start elf Reniligan Haerth. To gain allies is the best way.

Divine Domains

Fertility, Nature, Balance

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Lotus flower

Divine Classification
Aligned Organization

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