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The New World

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Since the dawn of time ...

...this part of the world has been called many things and inhabited by many creatures but its current name took root in the turmoil that would lead to Kalevala's fall.   The plotters who overthrew Kalevala started to speak of "The New World" - the world without Kalevala's supreme rule. The New World was, however, nothing short of a dream. Even so, the term still bears meaning to those who have fought for a new world order well over a millennia.

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The Legacy of Kalevala

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Welcome to the dark and gritty atmosphere that is Kalevala. Grab a friend by the hand and take over the world, discover secrets about your past or take a relaxing stroll by the sea - You are in charge of your own destiny as long as you're alive.

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