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Ettmetal, known as the metal of life is a metal harvested from the Outlands. It's origins are unknown, as well as where exactly it comes form; information found from the age of silence does not even mention the metal. It is a new thing in this new world. It is supplied to the Ishkwan in Newman's Valley by the Drakken and Sylvan, and is the Valley's most valuable resource.   The value of Ettmetal lies in how it effects Ishkwan. Believed to have absorbed some of the darkness and purifying it into something harmless, Ettmetal can bond to and Ishkwan, changing what he or she is in various ways which can do different things depending on the context, but all is significant in the lifetime of a Great Warrior.   Trace amounts open up the soul of an Ishkwan, allowing him or her to have grafted onto it another life form. A Pokemon. It is using up some of this valuable resource that Warriors (and sometimes others depending on the values of the Tribe) undergo the bonding ceremony and obtaining their one and only Spirit Partner. It can be dangerous and should not be taken lightly.   Further amounts of Ettmetal later in the life of the warrior allow the warrior to grow and master new skills and abilities it may have once thought impossible.   Ettmetal will also Allow an Ishkwan to undergo a metamorphosis much like that of pokemon called evolution. This radically alters the form of the Ishkwan and may in some cases alter their personality.   Each use of Ettmetal should be done with precious care; the further one used the substance, the more dangerous. Bonding is also user specific. a quantity of Ettmetal can only be bonded to by a single individual at a time. The reason is unknown, however these things cause Ettmetal to be regarded as a deeply spiritual metal; The most valuable in the entire Valley.


Material Characteristics

Only ever found in small quantities, it is a silvery colour with an sheen like oil across its surface. It has a hardness of 5 (scratchable by steel)

Geology & Geography


Origin & Source


Life & Expiration


History & Usage

Everyday use

Special/Ceremonial only


Trade & Market

Monopolised by the Dragon and Faerie Tribes.


generally stored as shavings in glass vials to avoid potential reaction with biological contact


Silver, with an oily tint
Melting / Freezing Point
Common State
Related Locations

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