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The green and blue larger moon of Era, sister moon to Umbra. Lumera orbits the Era every 40 days, this being the basis for a month in elven calendar. This moon is densely covered with forests, with few mountainous territories and about 60% water surface.   This moon is a home to loyalist True dragons ruled for thousands of years by a Guhramav, the King of Dragons and his court.   Long before the Arrival, there was a civil war among Dragons, many of them were forced to leave for Era. Since that time there is an arcane barrier that stops any magical, planar or other travel to and from Lumera, unless the King himself opens the barrier, but that did not happen since the war.   Deep underneath the ground lays a sleeping form of The Glitterscale, the one and only draconic deity. She is also known by the name of Lumera.
Planetoid / Moon

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