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The Lone World

510 CA

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All of reality exists around the material plane; from it, all mortal and divine life was born.   None, not even the Gods themselves, know how reality came to be. Whether the mortal races gave rise to the divine through their desire for meaning, or whether the divine created mortal beings from a desire to be worshipped, it does not matter, for there is no way of knowing.   The multiverse is as diverse as the people within it, from the golden skies of Mount Celestia to the burning rivers of the Nine Hells. There is order as much as chaos, light as much as dark. All that there is has its opposite, including reality itself: the void surrounds all things that are, for it is all that is not.   Though many have learned to control the magic of the multiverse, few have mastered the harnessing of its inverse. The weave flows through all things, channelling through reality like blood through an imperceptible beast. It grants power to those blessed with the capacity to wield it and bends to those willing or daring enough to control it.

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