The Stories of Chaos and Order

Volume I | The Beginning [ and the End ] of Prosperity

Written by Natsume Rune

They were once twins, brothers and counterparts of the other within the Storyverse, and they thrived within the Worlds, living in gentle communion with Humanity. They loved the Three’s Creations as if they were their own, and spent countless days in their presence, so much that the Ancient of Ivy and Soil, Gaia, gifted unto the two a World of their own, so that they may continue their joy and peace without Misfortune.   The Ancient of Law and Order was named Horologium. Giving the Beings of Humanity both Knowledge and Stability, Horologium showed them the paths towards discipline and integrity. He gave them abilities, skills and talents, and offered his wisdom to all. He also gave council and safety for those who wished to live within the Knowledge and Magicks of his potential. Keeping to the World that Gaia gifted unto the Ancients, Horologium gave birth to the Foundations of Humanity, in order to allow them the contentment and peace of their Existence.     The Ancient of Chaos and Impossibility was named Pandora. Giving the Beings of Humanity both Curiosity and Innovation, Pandora showed them the Realms of the Unknown, bringing forth their imagination and motivating them to push themselves beyond the boundaries of their thoughts. He also gave them soft whispers of the secrets of the Worlds and Void, allowing them glimpses into the gentle Knowledge that was hidden from them in their Creation. Filled with more wanderlust than his counterpart, Pandora gave himself over all of the Worlds, traveling and spreading his gentle gifts so that all of Humanity would explore their potentials as Horologium kept Law and Order within their World.     The Beings of Humanity throughout the entirety of the Worlds loved the Ancients, holding so much fellowship with the Beings that even the Creations of the Three grew fond. Given over to their own adorations for the Beings who came to mean so much to them, Zephaniah and Zechariah laid witness to the progression of the Beings of Humanity. Soon, the World, and those beyond the scope of it, became a boundless realm of creativity and prosperity, quickly evolving with the help of the Ancients within the World.     But, as with many of the progressions of the Beings of Humanity and the Worlds they are connected with, their Innovation began to slowly stutter and stall as the end of their Knowledge came close to their awareness. Seeing this and wishing for the expansion of Humanity, the Ancients, Horologium and Pandora, went unto their Creators and Deities, the Three, and begged for Blessings in order to bestow upon the Beings of Humanity.     The Three, noting the devotion and adoration the Ancients held for the Creations of their likeness, gave unto both Blessings and Gifts to bestow upon the Beings as they saw fit. They held only warning with these new affinities, gentle consideration given to the Ancients in order to ensure their Knowledge of the fragility and impossible potential that the Beings of Humanity hold within themselves.     After agreeing to handle their new Authority with care and consideration, the Ancients returned unto their World and Beings, both of the counterparts giving unto Humanity the gifts of both Order and Chaos.     Horologium gave unto them the Magicks of the Worlds themselves, bestowing the Blessings of Knowledge unto the Beings of Humanity, and bringing forth the birth of the Creations known as Inscribers and Mages. He allowed them to harness their latent affinities of the Magicks of the Worlds, birthing new waves of both potential and ability and allowing for the progression of Humanity to push forward in the working of their Worlds and Realms.     Pandora gave unto them the Magicks of the Void, bestowing the Blessings of Curiosity unto the Beings of Humanity, and bringing forth the birth of the Creations known as Alchemists and Magicians. He allowed them to harness their latent capabilities of the Impossibility of the Galaxies, allowing the Beings to bring forth both control and stability in the wielding of Magicks no longer given over to their creation, and giving them new fates in the thoughts of other Beasts and Beings.     And with these new Blessings bestowed upon the Beings of Humanity, the World of the Ancients of Chaos and Order thrived. They pushed past their own Realms, discovering and participating in the Galaxy Gateway, giving themselves over to new Ancients and Beings and Beasts and indulging in the sharing of Knowledge and Innovation. And with their potential and prosperity, the Storyverse began to grow and expand, the Three and the Ancients drowning in the wonderment and wanderlust of Humanity.     But, just as they had once warned, the Three began to lay witness to the cracks within the stability of Humanity. Their Order and Chaos began to war with one another, and in the midst of the teetering challenge for Balance, Blight and Corruption was born in the form of Monsters.     A Magician, following the call of Impossibility and ignoring the gentle guidance of Law, committed to the destruction of their mind, shifting into the darkness of Blight, and allowing her Corruption to burn and mangle their existence until nothing of their Humanity remained. The Monsters known as Witches were born this day, the Creation of something without any thought of Balance shifting the entirety of the Storyverse as the hearts of the Three filled with grief.     Horologium, appalled and horrified by the Creation that Blight had wrought, immediately raised his Blessed to ensure the elimination of the Monster from the Worlds, ensuring that the rest of the Beings of Humanity would be salvaged and unscathed from the birth of such a sorrowful Existence.     But Pandora held onto the image and Knowledge of the Monster, interest forming and developing until he gave himself over to the soft obsessions of the true potential of Humanity, not just for Prosperity, but also Decay.     And with that Obsession, came the Forsaken Runes of Insanity.     After that, began the slow desolation of the World of Chaos and Order. Pandora, given over to his Obsession, lost his consideration and love for the Beings of Humanity, and the Blessed of his affinity. Slowly and quietly, he gave his Alchemist and Magicians over the Blight and Corruption, carving into their skin and staining their souls with the Runes of Insanity, birth monstrosities and Chaos that captivated him more than even his Creators.     Horologium, in desperation and hope, followed the bleeding steps of his counterpart, begging for his coherency and allowing more and more of himself to fracture as he gave unto the Worlds and Beings more Creations. Birthing scholars and champions; People of Magicks and olden Creations, to rein in the Chaos of his counterpart, Horologium fought the lost cause of Pandora’s Balance.     But the Law and Order could not keep the Blight at bay by itself, and Horologium began to see the work that Pandora had wrought in secret. His Blessed, the Alchemists and Magicians, began to succumb to the Chaos of their minds, the Runes of Insanity diving into their Existences and cursing the Beings until they could not escape the Blight of Pandora’s Obsessions. They fell from grace, and Horologium was forced to intervene on behalf of his Blessed and in order to ensure the Runes of Insanity did not stain any other Existence within the Storyverse.     With devastation, Horologium pleaded for the Mercy of their brethren, Gaia and Bailrei coming forth and bringing forth the consequences of the actions of Pandora. Gaia cut off the World of the Ancients from the entirety of the Storyverse, destroying their Gateway into the Galaxies and damning the World to its destruction. Bailrei, with the guidance of Horologium, hunted down Pandora and banished him into the Void, cutting off all Connection to the Worlds and himself, allowing himself to be broken in order to keep the Blight from entering the rest of the Storyverse and trying to hide his counterpart from the wrath of the Three.     And so, the World of the Ancients was left to its ruin, perishing at the hands of the Monsters and Runes. Not even the Observer of the World was saved from the destruction and decay, the mind of the Being torn and bled into instability at the stain of the Runes. And with their death came the death of the World, Gaia bringing the suffering to the end once the Balance of the World was broken beyond repair.     Horologium, left to his despair and betrayal, mourned with his entire Being, finding no solace in anything as he broke for his lost World and Twin. He carried his torment throughout the Worlds, a bleeding river of instability tainting the entirety of the Storyverse and Galaxy Gateway and giving birth to rivers within the Void. Bailrei and Gaia restored the despair but allowed the stains of Horologium’s sorrow to remain, forming gentle reminders of the Tragedy to dwell where the Ancient mourned.     The Storyverse tried to reclaim the Balance that was almost lost, the Three begging for their Creations to find stability, but Pandora grew bitter in his banishment. Vengeful and hating, he clawed his way through the Void, birthing fragments within Bailrei as he destroyed paths in order to return to the Worlds.     And with his return came the Three’s intervention. Twilight spoke, ending all of Pandora’s influence on the Worlds of the Storyverse, silencing the Blight and ending the Corruption that threatened to birth within the Storyverse. Day, in Judgment, hunted down the wayward Ancient, fury unending until they had brought Pandora to his knees, every intention breathing the death of him into the History of the Libraries. But Night, hearing the desperate plea of Horologium, gave Mercy unto Pandora, salvaging his Existence but stripping him of his Authority.     And so the Three came together, binding Pandora to the Worlds, giving his Authority to Gaia, who bound and hid it within the roots of the Lands and Worlds. The Three gave Bailrei the Authority to keep the Blight within the Void, sealing her within the confines of their affinity so that she would not be allowed to destroy another Ancient. And Time, the Child of the Three, sealed the Runes within his timepiece, diminishing them to the simple darkness of Humanity.     The Three then reduced Pandora to the Beings that he had tormented, binding his soul and Creation to a name of mortality, giving birth to the Being known as Zechariah, Chaos unfolding. And, as is with everything within the Storyverse, Balance was given with the Creation of the Being known as Zephaniah, Helecles incarnated. Full of the rage and bitterness he hoarded without remorse, Zechariah fled from the presence of his Creators, vowing to curse everything that Zephaniah loved. And the Three, knowing the entirety of Zechariah, heeded his promise with sorrow, gifting Zephaniah with new Authority and Knowledge, unfolding the desolation that Zechariah would one day bring and giving unto the Ancient the instruments to ensure Balance once Zechariah came again.

“Have you heard the story of the Ancients of Chaos and Order?”


❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ Remarks

Inscription within the Journal:
The Journals of the Observer Mitch
Given unto the Records and History of the Ancients and their Past, Present, and Fate
Journal XI
The Stories of the Ancients of Chaos and Order
Volume I


A written work from the Journals of the Observer Mitch, given over to the Libraries for the safekeeping and records of the Histories of the Worlds, holding itself among three volumes detailing the Past, Present, and Future of the Ancients of Chaos and Order.

Once known as Horologium and Pandora, Order and Chaos lived among the Worlds with all of the Blessings and Adoration for the Beings of Humanity. This Journal Entry details the truth in the fates of Insanity and Law.


❃゚。・*.゚.✮▹ Muse's Notes

  The Stories of the Ancients hold Volumes and Journals for each of the pairs of Balance that the Three bled and blessed upon the Storyverse. When the first of the Journals [ Stories of the Ancients of Chaos and Order ] came into the hands of the Librarian, they were written the careful calculation and gentle consideration of a new Language of the Worlds, given unto the Libraries to upkeep and safeguard by the Being known as the Observer Mitch.
The Observer Mitch is one of the most prolific Writers among the Libraries and their Histories. It is with him that I can see so much of the World without giving over to the lectures of the Librarian. He write with so much Knowledge and gentle consideration, sometimes I feel like I can hold onto his emotions too. But this story... he seems so much sadder than the other ones. I have to wonder if he knows of the Ancient of Chaos, of Zephaniah. How terrible it must be, to lose a counterpart without a thought to his Salvation.

If Returning to the Libraries, please be aware that this book is to be replaced within the following area:
Ancients of The Storyverse
Chaos and Order
Volume II
Volume III

⭒❃.✮:▹ Originally written in the Dancing Script of the Observer Mitch ◃:✮.❃⭒
⭒❃.✮:▹ Transcribed for readability and processing within the Libraries ◃:✮.❃⭒

Cover image: by Clarisse Meyer


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Miles Kayden
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