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Divine Beast Master Cycle Zero

The Master Cycle Zero is the Champion of Hyrule's beloved horse automata and one of his favorite mode of transportation. Technically a Divine Beast and the only one of its kind, it was created by the Ancient Sheikah monks who were tasked with helping the Hero of Hyrule defeat Calamity Ganon. To us, it is known as a motorcycle, but to the people of Hyrule, it is a technological marvel that allows once to travel at breakneck speeds that no mortal has ever traveled before.   The Master Cycle Zero, henceforth referred to as the MCZ, resembles a galloping horse with a long, sharp horn at the tip of its head. The feet of the horse is replaced by two wheels, and a handlebar is placed at the nape of its neck. Like most Ancient Sheikah technology, the MCZ is made from an unknown black metal and a sand-colored, stone-like material, and is accented in glowing orange and blue. The fuel tank is located underneath the seat and automatically opens when materials that can be used for fuel are brought close enough to it.

Power Generation

The MCZ is powered by the same unknown energy source that powers all Sheikah technology and has something to do with the Sheikah's eternal blue flame. However, unlike the Guardians and the other Divine Beasts, the energy is not unlimited and needs to be refueled. Any material can be put into the fuel tank to generate power, but inorganic materials and monster parts are the most efficient. The MCZ can run continuously for about 15 miles, and it takes 10 pieces of monster or inorganic material to completely refuel the tank, or about 20 pieces of organic material.

Weapons & Armament

While the MCZ is not equipped with a laser beam like the other Divine Beasts, its horn can deal major damage to any creature (or person) that it is rammed into, and can kill a rhino at top speed.

Armor and defense

The MCZ appears to be impervious to most types of damage, and it has a sensor that allows it to avoid damage from ramming into a wall or falling from too great a height. When it senses an imminent collision that might destroy it, the automata will immediately disappear just before the point of impact, leaving the driver behind to his or her fate. it is unknown where it disappears to, but it can be recalled at any time using the Skeikah Slate.


Besides its collision detector, the MCZ seems to be controlled via the driver's thoughts, and it will disappear if it senses that its controller is too far away.

Additional & auxiliary systems

The Sheikah Slate was originally the only method of recalling the MCZ, but after much study, a small paging device was developed that was capable of summoning it with the push of a button.
The horse automata; The Master Cycle
5 feet
6 feet
325 pounds
Top speed of 65 mph; can reach its top speed in 5 seconds
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Capacity of up to 2 people

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