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Survivors of the Plague of Madness

Survivors of the Plague of Madness is a loose interpretation. While they didn’t die from the plague, these poor bastards are still damned by the gods
— Gaffe Sethom
  In 1655, the plague came to Khemit, infecting people with madness and fever. The mortality rate of this disease was high, almost one hundred percent. Most would go into a coma within a week, less if they were lucky, and succumb to the fever. For the rare few, the fever would continue to burn hotter and hotter, blackening the blood and turning their skin ashen. The physical symptoms of the plague became permanent scars When their fever finally broke, so did their mind for the most part. They got to remember what they did in their time of madness. They were named the Shadowbound by Gaffe Nefru Sherpses, believing that their souls were somehow corrupted by some evil divine being beyond his God’s power. Gaffe Nefru Sherpses was able to stop the plague at the village of Wati.   Besides the skin color and scarring, Gaffe Nefru noted the Shadowbound became sensitive to sunlight and will try to avoid being out in the day.  
Days after the end of the plague as we collected the dead, we thought we found survivors. Instead, we found lost souls; some confused, others hostile wandering Wati. All with dark ashy skin and blackened eyes
— Diary of Gaffe Nefru Sherpses
  Physically they barely sleep, barely eat, one would assume they were the wandering dead. In Nefru’s time, he noted three hundred shadowbound souls in Wati. Who knows how many survived in other towns before it reached Wati.
by Midjourney
It is neither a disease nor a curse. None of the faiths have found a way to restore the Shadowbound, even the Esteri Sin Eaters have come to Wati’s aid, but none of the Gods’ have heard our prayers.
— Diary of Gaffe Nefru
  Some feed the darkness and become criminals as they are unable to cope with what they did when they were in a fevered rage. Others try to redeem themselves with good deeds. This had left Gaffe Nefru with a Delima on what to do with all the Shadowbound “survivors”. They did not carry the plague, nor were they undead. As he built the necropolis wall around Wati, he allowed them to stay if they chose to.  
Hopefully one day we will find the source of the plague and maybe through that can we find a way to restore the shadowbound.
— Diary of Gaffe Nefru Sherpses
  This turn showed a twist in the Shadowbound. They didn’t age and somehow were immortal. A century later, the Waeb of Ades noted that the Shadowbound still lived in Wati. They continued with Gaffe Sherpses’ decision to allow them to live like any other member of Khemit, provided they stayed in Wati. Now a thousand years later, with most of the history obscured by stories or disappeared with the Hyborians. Some tales are considered the exaggeration shadowbound legacy. The Wa’eb of Ades still kept most of their true existence quiet, hidden in scrolls that only the Lector Wa’eb and the Gaffe knew of.


Shadowbound are much affected by postitive Ka magic that would affect the undead or produce sunlike effects. Some may delve deeper into the dark condition and learn the ability to walk from shadow to shadow.


Unique to the shadowbound is the lack or loss of creativity. in interviews, they have found that the shadowbound were unable to use the crafting skills they had before getting sick. Attempts in quality work only ended up as crude creations. in one story, such loss, a sculpter who became shadowbound couldn't stand looking at any any artwork, especially his. He would go into fits of anger and smash his older works. this probably led to the addage of distaste for beauty.

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