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Ghoul Fever

There are two known forms of corruption of one's Ka: Ghoul Fever, and Darkling's Tears. In this discussion, we'll focus on Ghoul Fever. This monsterous affliction can be prevented with more stringent laws around illegal drugs, especially Mumia.

Transmission & Vectors

Most of Khemit is dealing with Ghoul fever due to the use of the illegal substance, Mumia. Constant use of Mumia will slowly corrupt the person's Ka and as the Ka changes, so does the persons physical and mental state.   Ghoul Fever can also be passed directly from a Ghoul to another person through a bite or scratch much like an infection. so while the physical wound is treated, it would still require divine treatment.


Between 1 and 7 days, the subject will develop a very bad fever and rash. They will crave raw meat (or Mumia) during this time until the fever breaks. If not treated during this time, the physical manifestations will appear.
  Minor manifestations begin with deadening of sensations as the subject becomes numb to injuries. this can lead to untreated wounds that fester and speed up the corruption process. Finger and toenails grow more rapidly
  Within the second week, more obvious transformations occur.
  • The subject smells more putrid. even if there aren't any wounds, their sweat reeks of rotting flesh
  • The subject's jaw dislocates with elongated teeth. They lose the ability to communicate as their jaw and new teeth don't work well with articulating words.
  • the subject's fingernails thicken into sharp claws. the use of fine motorskills deteriorates for the subject.
If still untreated, the subject's mind becomes more feral. memories of their life disappears, leaving only hunger. At the end of the two weeks, the subject becomes a full Ghoul and cannot be cured.


Treatment includes the reinforcement of positive Ka into the subject. The Waeb have healing rituals which can link more potent Ka of the Wa'eb to the subject and purge any negative Ka.   Treatment later in Ka corruption can be difficult as the subject will attempt to flee in fear. The corrupted Ka, rejecting change causes terror within the subject.   In a Ghoul with a fully corrupted Ka, there is no mortal salvation or cure. Often the Gaffe are called in to give a merciful end to the creature.

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