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Chapter 4: Interlude

Back in Keruma, General Seqrene Tao has moved most of the troops stationed at Karuma elsewhere, allowing the Barracks to be occupied by the Bonekickers. The adjacent Uncanny Jackal Tavern has been setup for providing food for the teams and opposite of the tavern, a warehouse has been storing the items recovered from Wati. The barracks gives each team simple sleeping quarters and access to decent facilities. In the center is a tented dining area, and a seating area for Ades scribes to tag the treasures collected from the necropolis, Ades Katapesh guards keep thieves from stealing anything. A team of laborers and wagons are at the teams disposal to lift out the treasure. Most of the teams have returned before Sunset to a small feast allowing them to mingle while the scribes do inventory.   The General issues a warning to all the teams to take care in their search. Between Ebrahim's tomb and the perfume shop, there are other creatures taking residence in Wati. Arrows and spears are available for the teams.
The Teams:
  Desert Dogs
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The Desert Dogs investigated the old tannery and encountered thieves. Gaffe spent most of the time chasing them. sent a dozen to the General for judgement. so all they found were the remains of some mummies being ground for Mumia and a few trinkets. They have their suspicions that tunnels cross under the wall in Wati.

  Crypt Finders
  Daughters of the Deshret
  Sand Scorpions They got a simple perfume shop, coming back with loads of glassware, both pre and post conquest. unfortunately they also encountered Ghouls.
  Scorched Hand: It seems that Jervis was hoping for some favoritism in his selection and he was so indignate of the Brothel that he picked, he would not step foot in it.
  Four Lanterns
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As you have already met the Four Lanterns, they are most welcome of your company. Lilthe is spending time adding water colors to her drawing of the tomb they investigated. It wasn't as exciting at the one you were at, but the artwork on the walls were extraordinary. it was the tomb of a Heset with Ossuary fragments containing musical writing, though it will take some time to organize the pieces. Not sure if it was a critic or accident that the ceramics were shattered.

  Desert Winds


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