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The Hallowed Expanse


Global art credit: Celestial Sphere by SeerLight

Around the campfires of the forgotten worlds, shamans, clergy, and professors all tell the same story. It is a story of awe & wonder; just as it is a tale of suffering & destruction. Despite being separated across the cosmos; each world’s mythos recounts a time when The Golden Horde traveled the stars. With power beyond comprehension, they connected the Hallowed Expanse with their mystical rift-gates, bringing in an age of magical enlightenment. Unfortunately, like all flames, the fire of the gods burnt out.

Razael was the first to fall. With a corrosive seed, they were twisted and contaminated. Forming a cult of disease and plague, their corruption tainted everything it touched. As a final failsafe, the rifts were sealed, and darkness returned.

  For a millennium the rift-gates have been places of wonder and intrigue for mortals, a place of religious worship, arcane study, or scholarly research. As the tales of the Golden Horde and Razael’s corruption fell into legend and myth, each world experienced a simultaneous event. The gates opened once again.

  Adventurers now travel into the unknown in search of treasure, glory, magic, and secrets, but what waits for them in the most unhallowed corners of the aether?


The Secrets of Allora


With the gates open, worlds collide on a plague touched planet

Condemned Cradles

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Worlds Collide Once More