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Mudwater Blacksmith

Store Wares All common weapons and armor Special -Greatsword +1 (350-500g) -Chainmail +1 (1300-1700g)
First time visiting Behind the relatively small building, clanging metal can be heard. hanging above the door is a sign with a hammer and anvil which would incline you to believe this is the blacksmith.
Inside description-First time When you open the door a wave of heat hits you and the sound of metal clinging is louder than before. After a moment of waiting the clanging of metal stops and a 6'3 muscular man comes around the corner. His hair has long turned grey, He looks to be in his 80s but in better shape than most at their prime. he says his name is Ogor and asks what he can do for you.
Inside & outside don't need description unless asked for other than first time   Mudwater

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