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The gift of life.


Material Characteristics

Stardust can be best described as a golden gas like substance.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Stardust in its pure form is warm to the touch and capable of giving oxygen. Though when manipulated by Stardust users, its properties can be altered, such as changes in its temperature, whether or not it can burn someone or close their wounds.

Geology & Geography

Though it cannot be physically harvested by any normal beings, Stardust is found in stars, as well as Ethereals, or those with the Spark, who can conjure it at will.

Origin & Source

Stardust originated with the creation of the Ethereals, and was implanted in stars after being created by said Ethereals.

Life & Expiration

Stardust technically never expires, but disappears to the naked eye as it distributes itself to nearby organisms, giving it nourishment.

History & Usage


Stardust is often called the gift or power of life due to its presence in both Ethereals and stars. It was utilized by Ethereals to create the galaxy and then later by the Proselytes of the Eternal Flame for a much more sinister purpose.


It was discovered by the Ethereals when they were born into the galaxy.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Stardust is the symbol for many religions and factions in the galaxy, namely the Ethereals and the Proselytes.

Manufacturing & Products

Stardust is often used in its raw form, but occasionally is used in injectors or bombs to be wielded by those without the Spark.


Stardust when wielded by certain users, can be lethal, and therefore can be a hazard to one's life.

Environmental Impact

Just like living creatures, Stardust can also bring life to plant life, making it possibly the best fertilizer known to the galaxy.



The primary storage for this is in living organisms, though it can be condensed in physical storage locations such as jars.
Stardust as of 252 F.O.E. is rare, and seldom seen.
Light gold
Common State
Related Species

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