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High Corpse Seer Mez’gorath

High Corpse Seer Enshana Mez'gorath (a.k.a. The Lady of Slumber)

Lady Enshana Mez’gorath is the wicked High Corpse Seer of the Order of Aasha and among the most powerful necromancers in all of the land. Lady Enshana was born under a blood moon on the ninth night of Morningdust in the coastal village of Eastwatch, the light reflected from the moon made the water around Eastwatch look like fire, an omen that the village claimed was the worst of luck.   Lady Enshana’s parents, Margery and Banor, were murdered by members of the Order of Aasha when Enshana was four years of age. It was in those days that the Aashanites used the coastal villages of Eastwatch, Blackull, and Tsuri as core recruitment locations – scouring the islands in search of children to teach and raise up in their dark ways. Margery and Banor knew what the cult was doing on the island and when they and several other families confronted the cultists about their wickedness, they were struck down one by one.   Lady Enshana grew to be more powerful than any that had come before her in the Order. For over two hundred years she has honed her craft and perfected the art of Blood Dreaming. Between her age and the constant exertion of her powers in the dreams, however, Lady Enshana has become a shell of her once vibrant self. Her leadership, her command, her presence have all withered away with her. While people still respect her for what she has done, people no longer implicitly trust her leadership.   If High Corpse Seer Mez’gorath continues to channel her powers into Blood Dreaming, the Order fears that the shadow may soon consume her.
Year of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
She was born under a cursed omen, a blood moon
stark white

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