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Brightplains Colloseum

Brightplains Colloseum is located across the main road south of Evermoors and easy of Lost Peaks, on grassy plains outside of the forest.
  Constructed of gray stone and rough wooden beams, the colloseum is a round building with 2 entrances and 15 layers of stands. In the middle of the building is a large field, 200'x200' of short grass. The stands are 50' tall and 30' thick (each wall is 1' thick). On the ground floor, there is a 10' wide path that goes around the circumference of the field, with 10'x20' rooms on either side of the corridor.
  Outside, the colloseum is surrounded by tents set up to house spectators, nobles, and contestants alike. Representatives of each guild/organization are present and oversee sections of the tented area. Each team has their tents next to eachother, closest to the colloseum.

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