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The Tourney

"Come one, come all! To the greatest clashing of titans the world has ever seen! Bonds will be forged, alliances broken, heroes born, and villains defeated in the mightiest spectacle of our time! WELCOME! TO THE DRAGON'S MAW!!!"   Located South of the Evermoors... Teams of adventurers from all walks of life are lined up on the dusty floor of the colloseum. Thunderous cheers from thousands of people threaten to deafen the contestants as the spectators wave flags and shout. Everyone is here for riches, each adventurer being chosen from the least successful ranks of their organizations.   During the tourney, a magical field covers the colloseum to ensure that no fatal injuries can be dealt. Here, an attack that would be considered fatal only knocks out opponents, and there is no need to perform death saves to stabilize.   The tournament will be organized into 3 parts:
  • Events
  • Downtime
  • Nighttime
  • To WIN the Tournament: a team must reach a total of 5 points out of 9 events for the grand prize of a crown worth 5,000,000gp. 1 point will be awarded for every win in an event. Events are, in order: 1. Spellcasting 2. Marksmanship 3. Duel 4. Joust 5. Footrace 6. Horde 7. Liar's Contest 8. Drinking 9. Beast Hunt   Each event's rules can be found in it's quest section. During downtime, players can interact with NPCs, scope out advantages for the next competition, and discuss their strategies. During nighttime, players can sneak around, do under the table dealings, and sabotage other contestants with less risk.   At the conclusion of the tournament, the grand prize will be stolen by the BBEG, disguised as a member of the party. The party will be hunted and must prove their innocence by catching the thief and getting the crown.   Spellcasting
  • 2 contestants are placed 25ft apart on the floor of the colloseum with only no cover or barriers between them. They must only use spells (or what appear to be spells) to damage their opponent and knock them out. Focuses and component pouches are allowed, but magic items are not.
  • Marksmanship
  • 2 contestants are placed side by side, 5ft apart, and, using the ranged weapon of their choice, must shoot as many targets as possible. The targets and DCs are:
  • 30ft x2 - 5 50ft x2 - 10 75ft x2 - 15 100ft x2 - 20 150ft x2 - 25 200ft x2 - 30 The average feet of targets shot will be the score. Each target breaks upon being shot, and cannot be hit again.   Duel
  • 2 Contestants are spaced 25ft apart on the floor of the colloseum, with no cover between or around them. They must use melee attacks and weapons only to down the other person.
  • Joust
  • 2 contestants are placed on the mounts of their choice 100ft apart on the floor of the colloseum. They will make an opposing roll of Animal Handling. The highest roll gets to roll to hit. On 3 successful hits, the match ends.
  • Footrace
  • All contestants are lined up on one side of a 200ft obstacle course, and must race to the other side to win. Feet must be on the ground at all times, and weapons are forbidden. Influencing other racers, however, is allowed. There will be 5 obstacles:
  • 1. A rough terrain mud pit for 25ft 2. A wall to climb - DC 14 Athletics 3. A swinging pendulum - DC 13 Dexterity 4. A field of mushrooms - DC 12 Survival/Cooking, DC 15 Acrobatics 5. Pillars above a rocky mud pit - DC 15 Acrobatics/Athletics. Upon failure, extra difficult terrain for 25ft   Horde
  • A single contestant will be placed in the middle of the colloseum floor. Mages will raise weak undead skeletons for the contestant to destroy as many as possible before the time runs out (10 rounds of combat). 3 skeletons will be summoned every round. The contestant may use any means necessary to destroy them.
  • Skeleton: Health: 10, AC 10, Attack: swipe (1d4 bludgeoning damage). Movement: 25ft
  • Liar's Contest
  • 2 contestants are each given a simple object and are told to hide it from the other. They are then given 5 minutes to alternate questions and guess what the object the other person has is. Every question must have a direct answer and magic is forbidden. With every question and answer, the opponents will use opposing deception and insight rolls.
  • Objects are rolled with 1d8 1 - A red ball 2 - A silver cube 3 - A purple spring 4 - A green pyramid 5 - A gray X 6 - A pink cylinder 7 - A black oval 8 - A white diamond   Drinking
  • 1 person from every team will be seated at a giant table at the bottom of the arena. While a band plays and a wizard puts on a show, each team member will drink as much as they can. Each person must make a constitution save DC 2*n, n being the drink number that they are on. The natural Con of a character is the number that they will automatically succeed until.
  • Beast Hunt
  • The entire team will be brought out to the floor of the arena, with even footing and no cover. A randomly selected monster (unless influenced otherwise) will be released on the other side of the arena. The higher the DC of the monster, the higher the score of the team. All spells, weapons, and items are allowed.
  • To select monster: The party will declare the CR that they want to fight, then a D20 is rolled. From the first monster with that CR appearing in the monster manual, you will go down the list a number of times equal to the number rolled. If the number rolled is higher than the number of monsters available, loop back to the beginning and continue.   ***AT THE END OF THE TOURNEY The night before the results, an alarm goes out. Guard and contestants alike arm themselves as they hear the cry "THE CROWN! THE CROWN HAS BEEN STOLEN!" A series of magical lights ascend into the sky, and from the mouth of the arena, everyone can witness one of the PCs running out of the colloseum, crown in hand. Shouting is heard as the party hears "Find ! Find them and bring their heads with the crown!"   Time to escape. The party will have a brief run in with the thief while escaping, witnessing him turn into a kenku before winking at them and running off, dropping smoke bombs as he goes, along with a calling card: a note with one of his feathers skewering it, with the words "Thanks. ~Rufio" After escaping, the party can see him in the distance, driving a small wagon on the road towards Waterdeep.

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