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Sleepwalking is something that has always existed in the world. Your body moving around while your mind is still asleep. It has, however, become more common since the discovery of the medicine used to treat the common cold. It is highly effective, making people healthy and full of energy within days, but that energy also leads to restless sleeping and a lot of sleepwalkers who don't usually sleepwalk. Those who do sleepwalk normally can start being even more active when they sleep than normal. There are reports of people doing everything from household chores, going on walks, and rearranging furniture, all while being asleep and unaware they're doing it. Some also wander away for long distances, finding themselves on trams at the other end of the city. There have been one or two cases reported of someone almost sleepwalking of the edge, falling down into the abyss. Thankfully they were stopped, and lead to safety by passersby. Sleepwalking isn't usually anything dangerous, but not being fully aware of what you're doing can lead to things like wandering somewhere you're unfamiliar with, tripping on things, dropping things, or similar. It is usually recommended that someone who takes the cold medicine has someone nearby who can keep an eye out for when they sleep, and in case of them sleepwalking gently guide them back to their bed so they don't accidentally get themselves hurt. The effectiveness of the medicine makes it a popular choice, even with the side effect of sleepwalking. The effect is only temporary, with no lasting effects of a higher chance of sleepwalking recorded. After a person has taken the medicine they're at a higher risk of sleepwalking for about a week afterwards, with the first couple nights being extra common as the medicine is going through their body. It has no other side effects.

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