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Source. Source is possibly the most sought after resource in all of the wuld. The source can be used in a variety of ways. It can extend life, impart magical abilities, and be used to fuel machines, among many other uses. Gods and Celestials have fought over source, and the Clockwork Empire now desperately seeks to control the substance and those who would use it.


Material Characteristics

Source is a chemical compound like no other. It can be found naturally in several forms. It can be mined out of the earth in the form of crystals, pumped from wells as a liquid, and distilled from the nectar of several types of plants. But one thing remains. Source is a thick blue substance that gives off an unearthly glow. It is unknown how to shift source between states.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Source seems to be neither acid nor base, nor does it react to the cold or to heat. When handled, liquid source acts similarly to quicksilver, gliding over the skin of the person handling it, not leaving behind any residual stickiness. When solid, Source crystals are harder than diamond.

Geology & Geography

Source is rare, but can be found all over the wuld. Usually in areas of high magical instability such as the Necrotic Wastes, or in areas with a high concentration of living matter like the Everglade.   Some creatures even produce source themselves. Source producing creatures include dragons, celestials, divines, and elementals. Mortals capable of producing source are called Sorcerers.

History & Usage


Source can be wildly unstable under the wrong environments. All spells consume source in some fashion, as such, using magic near source can have some dangerous results from spells going haywire, to completely changing their effect.

Environmental Impact

Source seems to be a basic building block of reality. It can easily be absorbed by just about any living thing and metabolized.
Elemental / Molecular
deep glowing blue
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point

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