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Once long ago in the kingdom of Atradia, there lived a race of reptilian creatures with radiant multicolored feathers. These creatures were revered as symbols of good luck and many of the dragonborn houses kept them in shrines and temples, these creatures were called the Qistadinana. With long rainbow plumed tails, and a mixture of iridecent scales and feathers, Qistadinana in movement resemble a flowing sparkling rainbow of colors, hence their nickname, Rainbow Spirits.

Basic Information


Qistadinana are small, standing about 2 feet in height, bipedal reptiles covered with shimmering rainbow colored feathers they carefully prune and pluck with their beaks and stubby upper arms. Under their feathers lie small but equally brilliantly colored scales. Male Qistadinana's scales are a bright luminous green as are their beaks, while females scales take on more of a metallic red shade. Both sexes have brilliant tail feathers that twirl and sparkle when the creature is in motion.

Ecology and Habitats

Qistadinana are very fickle creatures. They thrive between the mountainous climates, but too much humidity, heat, or cold could spell disaster for them. They enjoy climbing trees and digging about in woodland underbrush. One reason they have struggled to adapt to the Everwild now that Atradia has been lost is due to the Everwuld being a dense and humid jungle, while Atradia was a cool arboreal mountain region.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Qistadinana feed almost entirely on fruits, nuts and insects. However they have been witnessed eating small vertebrates from time to time.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Due to how rare they are, there are some who value Qistadinana more as pets and as a symbol of wealth rather than a symbol of the divine luck of the dragon god. As such, many rich corporation executives in Simmsmout have attempted to buy, or employ people to steal Qistadinana eggs to either raise as pets, or to prepare as food for extravagant business meetings. Although this practice is highly illegal under the codes of New Atradia, the affluent of the Clockwork Empire rarely let the politics of a second world nation such as New Atradia stand between them and their rich desires.
Scientific Name
Eritque Arcus Avem
Conservation Status
After Atradia was corrupted into the Bloodhallows during the Cataclysm, the Qistadinana were effectively wiped out. Now only a few live in captivity in the dragonborn shrines in New Atradia. There, dragonborn priests work hard to maintain the temperatures of their enclosures, attempting to re-create the environment of their home lands, while doing their best to encourage breeding.

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