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The unicorns of healing

The most known animal that is great for medicine is a unicorns. They can heal with magic and there tears and also there hair. The tears could be made into potions or just applied on the wound it has helped lots of people and animals from possibly dying. The magic comes from there horns they can cast all sorts of spells to heal people and animals and even dragons and this is a good way to heal up if you don't want to waste spells. There hair is strong and good with bandages you can put them with potions and just applied it on the wound witch works fast fine. It has helped people all around the world like dragons and animals as well. There has been a medal given to the king of the unicorns for helping them live. There has been many times that unicorns have saved adventures from dying. Unicorns are also known for not doing things for free most of the time you have to give them something. Some cities have a stable just for unicorns to have a local healer that could help doctors. The unicorns have been healing for millions of years and now they are some of the most popular medicine. The fire unicorns heal in the land of fire and ash. The unicorns heal in the land of beasts. The unicorns with wings heal in the land of air. The unicorns with fins heal in the vortex.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

They grow the rate as normal horses and have th same stages as horses

Dietary Needs and Habits

Water and grass. They live in the water in the sky and on the land hot or cold.
Scientific Name
Magical and powerful
Horses that grew a horn
Two hundred years
Average Height
Two meters
Average Weight
One hundred and fifty pounds
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Red, green, blue and white.

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