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The most unique items

The most unique items are steel wood, lightning stone, dragons bane fur, and burn wood. First I will talk about steel wood it is a strong hard material that can't be burned and is hard to cut. It is excellent hut and house material it is mostly found in the land of beasts. The next item I will talk about is burn wood it is a wood that is found in the land of fire and ash. The wood is a wood that when light it never goes out intil it has water put on top of is great for camping or torches for duengens. They have been destroyed by unicorn tears. the next one is interesting because it is a stone that shouts lightning out three times per day. It is a very useful item and is rare on monsters. It is mostly in the vortex in the mines. It can be mined in humuges sizes the larges is twenty feet tall and sixteen feet wide. It has only been destroyed by gem dragon tears. The last one is dragons bane fur it is a fur that scares dragons it destroys dragons by the touch and can give a rash to humanoids. It is mostly found in the land of fire and ash and is very extremely rare. All of these items are well known for fear, exicitment and usefulness. There is one amazing item called the destroying crystal it is never to be talked about it. The destroying crystals are deadly and really scary they can make a wish if the person wish for something to break it will break but the cost is a jewel worth fifty gold. It is only in the vortex rarely found in the mines.

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