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The minture dragons

the most popular and exotic animal is miniature dragons. They came in lots of colors the most rare on is gem, fruit, gold, and platinum dragon colors. There are around a foot high and five inches wide without the wings it weighs around fifteen to twenty pounds. Each wing is one foot long. They like eating fish and small meat. They are really good flyers. They are vary good listeners and can do some amazing tricks. They treat humans as if there life depends on it. They average age of them is one hundred years.they are not endangered animals. The boys are slightly bigger and give birth to the next generation. The girls are hunters and have really sharp claws. The gem colors are Rudy, shapire, and other gems. The fruit dragons are dragons but there spikes on there backs are fruit. mostly there eye color is usually blue but there not always blue. They look like normal dragons just smaller. they love normal temperatures but some times they like really hot temperatures or really cold climates. Some can only see heat some are blind and some have better vision then normal but they mostly see normally. There are some pet stores only do miniature dragons only they are amazing pets and mostly eighty nine precent of the population of the four natains. They don't speak draiconic like dragons but they do speak the ancient language of the air.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

The stages are first the egg stage were they lay there eggs then they hatch. Then there really small small as a jellybean the after several years they become a adult. Then lots of years later they die

Ecology and Habitats

They live in nests made of things they can find like birds.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Fish and tiny meats the also love cooked peanuts.

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