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the document of sailors

the document of sailors is a document to know that a sailor has ownership over the ship. it also contains what happens when the sailor dies and who the ship should go to. it is a document used by sailors and even pirates hold on to this document because at a dock they have to have this document and the owner to dock on the ship at the port. the document is written on canvas to be able to resist water and it can be a great material and it is easy to find. to find this document they are in the buildings near the docks and the buildings are for checking in and out. it is some times long to check in and out it usually takes one to two hours depending on the size of the ship. the land of beasts and the land of fire and ash look for check in and check out to make sure people are not lost at sea or attacked by pirates. this document is a great organized document and a very important document in the land of beasts for sailors. people that do not sail or have not been near a sailing settlement have not heard about this document. once there was a shortage of canvas and they could not create the documents and some people were not able to own there ships for a little bit. when a sea monster destroyed a ship and the document survived there is a place in the document saying that if the ship is lost and the document survived it should be burned because there is no ship it is connected to.


to know a sailor has ownership over his ship and who will own the ship after the original sailor dies.

Historical Details


it was for people to know who owns what ship in the land of beasts

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