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Spitefire snake bite

The spit fire snake bite is deadly.this rash of dark tiny flame marks start covering the body when it covers the entire body the Victam is dead.The spit fire snake looks like a yellow snake with tiny flames giant ones are on fire that's how they got there name.They mostly live in the land of fire and ash but a few live in the land of beasts.the snake loves to eat rats, scales, and worms.dragons, hounds and wolfs eat them fire foxes absorb them. There are four stages first the bite stage the bite stage is hen you get bit it starts to swell and hurt it an heal permanetly if you put unicorn tears it.the next stage is stage one it starts the rash and hurts a lot but it can be healed by mermaids tears.stage three also known as stage two the rash has covered half the body it can be healed by dragons breath it goes back to the bite stage with zero pain.then put unicorn tears monthly. Stage four known as the death stage there is know turning back its only a mater of time intil you die. It only bites you if you try to harm it. It's victims have been humans not animals or great big animals. They don't like cold climates but they love hot climates. They die if anything cold touches them. Fire foxes adsord them but it only works if they are really big. They act like lightning conductor even they don't like it. Dragons eat there flesh but leaves the scales.


A bite.


A rash that covers the body.


It depends on what stage. The bite stage it can heal by unicorn tears. Stage one can be healed by mermaids tears. Stage two can be healed by dragon tears.

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