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Ronas the biggest city in the world

The biggest city in the world is in the land of air there is a lot of factories. The population is around six thousand people. The gartes to the city are opened by two ancient bragons. In the winter time the longest icicle was ten feet long. The name of the city is ronas after the first person to find this place and made friends whith lots of dragons. There are lots of tourists attractions like the tower of air, zero gravity tower, the sinipest stone, and the legendary dragon king. There are around sixty six houses around the castle. Two dragons gaurd the front entrance one is gold the other silver the king of the land is good friends with the dragon king. Some very interesting fruit grows right here like passion fruit,thunder fruit, and chocolate grows here. Most people that live there are humans, dragons, elementals, and angels.   There are several big tourist sites there is a zero gravity tower. It consists of three stories. On the inside there is zero gravity inside so every thing is just floating around. Three hundred people come here every day. There is not much inside but some chairs. There is a myth that a wizard owned it and when he passed away everything disappeared and then there was no gravity inside as well. There is also two other big tourists site one of them is called flora hills that are a group of hills on the side of the city. It is a beautiful site to see sometimes you mite see bragons around there. The other one is called the sona stone It is a stone that looks half way between a Rudy and a shaphire. Every now and then it gives of a power surge that opens a portal for a brief second.


King and queen


Six thousand

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